12 November 2012

Sweet like Chocolat

Christmas is coming, can you feel it already?
I surely can: I got my first "Marry Christmas" wish from my favourite magazine in the world, "Red", and Santa read my letter and brought my present. To me Christmas is about:  family, Santa, presents, Christmas tree and sweets.

Sweets were the highlight of my weekend when I went out with my parents and my boys at Chocolat. As my parents came to visit me last week and we were strolling around in Old Town, I wanted to show them a nice and special place to make our time together even more pleasant. We passed by Chocolat and I instantly knew it was the place to go.

I must tell you - they have the perfect cake for every taste there. And the perfect cake for my mousey taste is taaadaa:

New York cheese cake with strawberry compote. It's a symphony of tastes played by: cheese, vanilla, crunchy biscuit base and the rich and fresh flavor of a strawberry top. 

Me and cheese cakes go back a long way. It was love at first taste in Amsterdam when we met. Our roads parted and although I wanted the chemistry back I wasn't lucky. Until Sunday, when our paths crossed again at Chocolat. 

We had a great time and after all the sweets the lemonade with fresh mint was a happy end. Farewell, until we meet again!

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