30 November 2012

Private Party

Tonight we had a party at home. A very happy, very private party - just me and my big son C. A long weekend awaits with lots of reasons to celebrate:
- Friday, the 30th of November is "Sfantul Andrei", a public holiday in Romania as Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Romania
- Saturday, the 1st of December is our National Holiday
- Sunday, always a celebration

So, me and my son started celebrating early. I told him he could go to bed whenever he wished. As I am writing this, it's 11.55 pm and he is still playing next to me. Pretty strong little guy, I guess he is ready for even bigger parties.
We had a rather classic celebration: a bland of tradition and candies. Romanian Saint Andrew tradition and American M&M candies. We are going international. LOL

There are several traditions around Saint Andrew and one consists of planting wheat on a plate that will later be placed on the New Year's Eve table. The bigger the wheat grows the better the year to come. We planted on just one bowl for all the family but growing up, there was one plate for each member of the family. We ate some delicious M&Ms and took some pictures.

But the moment I felt truly happy was when, while C was colouring, he very easily learnt to write my name. Imagine how proud and happy I felt when I saw this "piece of art" made by my 4-year old son.

This is how we celebrated. After all it takes 2 to tango and our private party was a great time for the 2 of us.

Do you have any special reasons to celebrate this weekend? If not, celebrate life and enjoy!

Have a spectacular weekend!