2 November 2012

Jump for joy

It's Friday! Oh joy! Oh hapiness!

Here are some things currently bringing me joy ( another list, but of course):
- the weekend is here. Do you have any plans yet?
- consequently for 2 days you get to sleep longer. Even if you have kids you can let them play and stay in bed a little bit longer - that's also good even if it is all you can afford
- no matter how your hair looks when you wake up I know someone that can tell you it looks great. And can say many other nice things to you.

Interested? I'm not talking about my perfect significant other that I can barrow for a fortune. It's better because it's for free: emergencycompliment.com . It  will surely bring you a smile and possibly make you feel better.

You have 2 options there:
- ask for more - I pressed this button tens of time today just to keep on smiling
- say thanks as soon as you are "good to go"
 There is even an extra option of submitting your own compliment. Imagine the pride when you see your little creation on-line among all others. This is not mine, but it's funny:

Guess who made it on top of my list:

Just to set the record straight : I know my blog is not the best; but that's the thing- it's nice to hear good things about you even they are not 100% right.

Speaking about my blog: I hope you enjoy it and if so "pay it forward" !

Have a spectacular weekend!


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