4 November 2012

From wine to fashion

Sunday night- a new week is almost here. As I write this I chill out with a glass of wine, my favourite, red Porto. You can also try a red Burgogne (Burgundy) one. Don't worry if you spill some on you because burgundy is the "it colour" of this autumn.

Not convinced yet? You can check Garance or The telegraph . Ready?

Whenever there is a new trend, the easiest thing to do is search the closet for existing items. I can hardly believe it but I have no burgundy clothes. Good reason to do some shopping, right? Or write to Santa? Anyway I'm saved by the shoes as always, that's why I keep buying them. Or could it be the other way around?!

Here are my 2 burgundy pairs for the fall: the elegant boots

Nine West boots

and taadaaa- my longed for perfect rubber boots
Hunter Lapins boots

I've waited them for years because I wanted a pair of rubber boots but couldn't find one that I would actually wear.  They are even better than what I pictured them to be.

And of course burgundy on my nails, so I can be trendy from hand to toe

I didn't realize this before but it seems I have a  "nail philosophy" : when in doubt use both (like I did before with 2 shades of red or red and white). I considered 2 polishes and ended up using both : a simple burgundy and another with glitter on top.

Any plans to embrace burgundy this fall? Maybe start with a glace of wine and the rest will follow...

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