27 November 2012

Fly me to NY and back

Or any other place in US for that matter. Any place where I can find a Nine West store.

I am a reasonable person, see?! Don't want a space ticket to the Moon and back, just an airplane one. Why? I want to visit NY and I have an ulterior reason, shallow and girly. But it's mine and I stand by it: a nice pair of boots. A very nice pair of boots. A Pamela Love for Nine West nice pair of boots. According to nytimes.com they are "leather ankle moto-meets-Western styles that come in brick, black and dusty clay — all featuring a pseudo steel toe made of antique brass in the designer’s signature jewelry motifs".

I like them in black on the prettiest blogger I fallow, Jane, from the Sea of Shoes. That's where I got the idea in case you were wandering. Again, I'm reasonable. I don't want her sea of shoes but just one little fish to make me happy.

Source: Sea of shoes
I would like the ones in brick, please.

Yes, I know I can order them on-line but the problem is they are "a little" over my normal shoe budget $299. But a girl can dream: about NY, boots or being such a successful blogger that shoes will start "knocking at her door".

What are you dreaming about these days?

P.S. If ,at any point, I succeed in making your day better, "pay it forward" and propagate the joy. Together we can make the world a better, happier place.

P.P.S: special thanks to my reader that '+1's me as soon as I post something new and to all of you reading this.

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