23 November 2012

Consultant services for Santa

This year I am thinking about Christmas a lot which I really like because it makes me feel childish. And what better way to feel than “like a child”.

With December around the corner I thought you may need some help for gift ideas that will come handy when you will be playing Santa. And what joy this brings! This is supposed to be fun and pleasant so, if , at any point in your preparation process, you feel like you ran out of ideas, I got something that can help you out.

First choice: me, but of course. I love Christmas as much as any child does and I would like to help. So, comment on this post and I will do my best to offer you gift ideas “sur mesure” . And not only me but anyone who reads this can step in, too, with suggestions and this can be really fun. You can stay anonymous, by the way, just like Santa, so, don’t be shy! Ah, and have I told you already? It’s free of charge this year. LOL

Second choice, not as good as the first one, obviously, is Gift Ideas Generator .
Based on budget, age, character and sex you will be offered gift suggestions out of all on-line shops in UK. I suggest you leave the shops out of this, if you're not in UK, and look at the gift ideas. I’m sure something appropriate will be listed.

Here is what I did: suppose I want to be my own Santa but I don’t know how to surprise myself. I am funny today, aren't I?! I was generous and gave myself a 90 GBP budget, I’m 32 (in case you don’t know) and I like fashion, tadah:

Everybody who knows me also knows that I have a thing for bags. So I would pick this beautiful suede bag and a handbag mirror that was too nice to pass, just to have it in the bag.
This was my example, you can give it a try and see if it helps. Let me know.

Reminder: if you need help with gift ideas: pick me, me, me!!! I can’t wait to “hear” from you.

Have a spectacular weekend!

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