20 November 2012

Buttons up

A cardigan is a knitted jacket or sweater with buttons up the front. It was named after James Thomas Brudenell (1797-1868), 7th Earl of Cardigan, English general distinguished in the Crimean War. He set the style, in one account supposedly wearing such a jacket while leading the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava (1854).

Cardigans are very versatile. Paired with a T-shirt or a blouse they can make an easy transition from fall to winter. When I saw the one below it was instant connection for many reasons. Another list of mine, but of course:
- it has a neutral color that can go with anything I own
- it is 100% merino wool but the knit is very fine and light
- the sparkly buttons can dress up  any favourite pair of jeans
- somehow it reminded me of the last Luis Vuitton collection, which I don't really like. The buttons have a similar shape so we can say they are "in" this season. And who doesn't want to feel trendy?

The cash version, the one I own:
Source: H&M

The credit inspiration I had, even though is not a cardigan, seems to me somehow "old fashioned":

Source: Luis Vuitton

I really like the cash version better and it is not because I'm a fox that can't reach the grapes. You like fables, don't you?

Do you have a cardigan in your closet? If not, plenty of time left to write to Santa.

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