17 November 2012

A mom's going out saga

Remember the times when you were young, very young, 20 something young... Somebody called you to go to a party, one hour before or maybe even one hour after the party started, just to join them. You put on the sexy dress, comb your hair or even better leave it in a sexy slightly messy way and off you go. If you are still in that place in your life, congratulations and enjoy!

If not, and you are a mother like me, things are much more, let's say, complicated. Once in a blue moon you are invited to go out. Thanks God there are still BFFs that celebrate their birthdays in a club. Oh joy, oh happiness! But, again, it's complicated when you have no time to prepare. The only moments a mom like me has to herself, are between the time kids go to sleep and she manages to get to sleep. Let me tell you my story- how I spent these moments for the last 7 days.

T- too long to remember: bought a nice dress that is patiently waiting to see the world and to be seen.
T- 7 (days):  make baby sitting arrangement.
T-6: do the girly stuff like plucking your eyebrows, you know the rest.
T-5: choose the perfect pair of shoes/sandals to go with the dress.
T-4: discover a nice pair of tights - lets say orange to cheer up the LBD. That is little black dress- of course you knew that.
T-3: manicure.
T-2: wash hair and blow dry it.
T-1: bathe the kids so you don't have to do it the following night when you go out.
T   : everything is in place now; go to the hairdresser, back home to put the kids to bad and they fall asleep in no time, you put your makeup on , get dressed and you're finally ready for the big night.

Really? Did you belive my "T" part of the story? No, no, no, here is how it actually happened:

Real T:  finish  last work call 2 hours before the invitation time; feed the kids, put them to bed; little one doesn't want me out of the door so he cries and cries; I try various tactics, end up lying in the bed next to his bed so he can fall asleep; I am already one hour behind, no makeup, no hair styling, just some lip gloss. To add to that, like I really needed that, the perfect pair of shoes seems to have disappered so find another. And in max 10 minutes I am out. Finally.

And than everything comes into place. I meet friends, dance, drink a little, listen to some good old music that makes me feel like time stood still and I feel like 20 something again...

Best things in life, motherhood for example, are for free but they never come easy.

Do you have any special plans for tonight?

Have a spectacular weekend!



  1. I am not a mother yet and I am not 20 something either (I just turned 30 this year), but this is one of my favorite posts for some reason. I can already picture myself trying to get ready for a party with one, maybe two small kids around me :).

    1. I am very glad you like it. That's my purpose with this blog. To share my good moments- because, at the end, everything was fine. And things are even more enjoyable when they don't come easy.