18 October 2012

XX or XY

This is not a complex X and 0 game although it may sound like. It's not a game but nowadays reality. Apparently there is an addition to the list of what money can buy. To make a long story short if you are rich enough you can pay to choose the sex of your baby.

When I first heard this I was thinking OMG! Sky is the limit! But recent news showed this expression is outdated too. No limit now. Just science trying to make people happy. The providers argue that sex selection is an expression of reproductive rights and  is a sign of female empowerment that allows couples to make well-informed family planning decisions. Others are questioning whether women could truly express free choice under family and community pressure...

The gender selection is done through IVF (in vitro fertilization) that is not cheap. So maybe the doctors thought to make their potential customers an offer they can’t refuse, a bonus, they get to choose the sex of the baby. The technique, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), allows doctors to implant an embryo into a woman’s fertilized eggs, after checking that the child has the required gender. It was previously offered to select couples to avoid passing on genetic disorders, but in the US they are now making sex selection available to all paying patients.This is why woman all around the world go there to make their dreams come true.

I remained here waiting patiently for my babies to reveal their gender at ultrasound. It was exactly like I hoped to and it was for free. It seems that somebody up there loves me.

Do you think PGD should be legal all over the world and would you opt for it?

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