10 October 2012

World of Warcraft

I never ever play COMPUTER GAMES. With one exception – I played Minesweeper a long time ago in a summer when I was still a student. I believe it was a virus in my system. I was cured quite fast because real life has more to offer from where I stand.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that the best dating site is in fact World of Warcraft. WoW! The top dating site, eHarmony, has 1 million members, compared to the 10 million players on WoW, says Online University on living.msn.com. In addition to this 48 is the median age of someone on eHarmony, while the WoW median age is 32.
Single? Better start gaming if you want to be in a relationship. Happiness calls for sacrifices…

If in a relationship beware of the enemy in the house. Games again. Renowned therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil believes gaming can be dangerous to relationships: "Anytime someone spends more time with something or someone else than with their loved one, that's an affair," Dr. Bonnie said in a statement. "In this sense, gaming can be an affair - it can take the place of love and romance."

Been there. Felt that. I thought I was wrong to feel betrayed. Always trust your feelings, wright? I have learnt to live with the enemy now and enjoy life as it is. Everyday!

Do you like gaming? Or maybe your significant other does?

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