4 October 2012

Sesame street

I was there as a child, now I only have SESAME SEEDS- black and white.
Remember this is a black & white week.

My lunch today was easy to prepare and delicious. It was a salmon salad with a twist. You know, I am a sucker for twists- this is how I feel special, I guess…but enough with the psychoanalysis.
Let’s get down to hunger games. Not the movie cause I haven’t seen it yet, have you?! But the real thing, when hunger knocks at your stomach’ s door. At least this is what I tell my boys to encourage them to eat.

Hungry yet? Allow me to show you what I had today:

So, there it was :
  1. Toast  and cheese with sesame seeds
  2. Salmon salad with sesame seeds 
I used these:

For the salad you can use any green leaves you prefer. I did this with parsley today or rucola in the past. For the fish you can have canned salmon or tuna - we are watching our diet, right. Well, not really true if you consider yesterday’s post.

The idea is that the sesame seeds bring some crunchiness to both the toast and the salad . Yummy! It was ready in 5 minutes, eaten in maximum 10. Good time for your meal, right?!

Do you have any special fast meals?

P.S. don’t forget to turn on the good old-fashioned radio on your favorite station when eating. Let yourself surprised by the next song and you’ll get an even better lunch break.

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