30 October 2012

Robbie Williams Takes the Crown

Robbie Williams is the best. Best performer, best singer alive, the coolest one and with the greatest attitude. A king ready to "Take the Crown" - this is his latest album and is going to be released on the 5th of November. I write this as my boys are dancing on "Si eu te pego" - it's a cruel world, isn't it!

"Candy", the new single by Robbie, was released today.

The video is funny and joyfull. Robbie is an angel wearing a baby pink suit with baby blue sneakers. Or should I say candy pink and blue?!

Reviews say the album is great : “Island may as well have chosen the lead single by chucking a dart at the inlay sleeve. They couldn't have missed. Because there are no misses. Just hits - ­ huge pop hits” Music Week. You can find more about it on robbiewilliams.com

And the best is yet to come. I suppose there will be a tour in 2013 and this way I get to check one thing from my bucket list. Today was a good day. I absolutely love coincidences like this- exactly on the day when I googled for a possible Robbie world tour the new single was released. As if the universe is working to make my wishes come true. Such a great feeling!

Any artists you would like to see live? Tell me all about it.

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