22 October 2012

Mood setters

What better way to start a new work week than by thinking of the last vacation?! It gives you a good feeling for the days to come and this is exactly what I'm talking about here.

I was at La Pedrera in Barcelona, visiting the house shop when I saw these two. It was instant connection: one for night and one for day- two invites to set the mood right. I'm not into buying postcards when I travel but these two felt special.They are souvenirs from Barcelona. You've seen before my shallow ones: the ring and the bag.

The first helps to wake up with a positive anticipation of what will come.  I will frame this and put it on my nightstand so that I can see it as soon as I open my eyes in the morning

The second is for the other nightstand. A nice card to show your significant other in order to spice up your life/night especially if you're in a long lasting relationship.

Perfect day and perfect night - what more could a girl ask for?!
A new week is here. A new beginning - the promise of a better present.

I hope you have a great week with nice days and good nights.

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