8 October 2012

Lady of the rings

"People always tell you that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Bullshit, it’s your hands. That's the sign of a gentleman" This is a quote from my favorite movie. Robert de Niro said that and I totally agree.

I already told you how much I like painting my nails so what more could a girl do to have the hands of a gentle woman? Use some moisturizer would be the obvious answer. In addition to this I would say a RING always makes me feel put together. I don’t normally use make-up, I can get dressed like in the army in 2 minutes but I always remember to wear a ring. It makes my hand feel prettier so I feel prettier too.

Here is my current selection of rings that are in use: 

Normally the last bought is my favorite. Right now is the orange one  on my index finger. They all have their nice stories that I enjoy remembering whenever I put them on in the morning. This one was bought from La Rambla, in Barcelona and it was 5 euros. It brings back sunny memories… Vacation, sweet vacation…

What’s your favorite piece of jewelery?


  1. Personally, I have a thing for earrings. And like you said, my favorite one is always the last one I bought :)).

    1. I like earrings too. Now I'm waering a snow flake shaped ones that are very wintery