3 October 2012

Just black

I was feeling a little blue today. So the first question that came to my mind was: “What can I do to undo this, to feel better?”

Hm..here were the options in chronological order:
  1. Runaway and hide in a little corner of this big world until all goes away (FYI I know that Earth is round but the corner thing is just a cliché I wanted to use to make this sound more dramatic :)
  2. Shopping – never a bad thing but unfortunately an empty card can’t help me with this
  3. Spend some time doing something that I like in order to change my mood – I don’t really have time to myself but I’ll figure something out (actually writing on the blog is a time to myself that I enjoy a lot)
  4. All I have left is myself- my brain- my power to work with it. Maybe do some smile therapy like in Ally McBeal
  5. Have some BLACK CHOCOLATE – this was the moment when my day started turning around. The bitter sweet flavor was like a soul medicine. It put a smile to my face without even realizing it. And then everything started to settle. The smile stayed and I see the world in lighter colours because of the dark chocolate.
Have a bite, please! Enjoy!

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