19 October 2012

Fashion Bible

Today felt a little bit like Christmas. It was sunny outside so not because of the weather. But because of a present. A present very dear to me from my dearest D. I was as excited as Garance was expecting hers. There is a small difference between us: I don’t have my own column in Vogue (yet). Yes, today's pleasure is VOGUE.

There are moments when you feel you have no energy left for the day  but you still like to do something that brings you pleasure. For me this is the perfect time to pick a Vogue issue. Open it and you will enter a world of beauty. All you need to do is lie on the sofa, relax, turn the pages and enjoy.  

Earlier posts have proven that speaking about magazines goes well with lists. Have I told you already I love making lists? I will tell you all about it soon.

So here is why I love Vogue – mainly all childish reasons but still perfect reasons for me:
  1. It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. There you can find all the beautiful things that money can buy. I can’t, but that’s ok. If I could there wouldn’t be anything left to dream about. And that’s the saddest thing that can happen to me or anyone for that matter.
  2. It has a looot of beautiful ads – it feels like you are in an art gallery straight from the coziness of your home
  3. It doesn’t have a lot of text so no need to make an extra effort reading it – a picture is worth a thousand words,right?!
  4. It is like a baby book for grown ups with lots of beautiful pictures that catch our eyes
  5. There is one for every taste: the spectacular Italian Vogue (shocking and provocative)– the best, the commercial American Vogue, the elegant French Vogue, the modern British Vogue …

Apparently 85% of the magazine’s readers agree that “Vogue is the Fashion Bible”.
My French Vogue awaits for me. Need to go now.

A bientot,

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