12 October 2012

Barcelona, Custo Barcelona

I spent a week of my vacation in Barcelona this fall. It is such a rich and generous city! I will write all about it soon. Today, by popular demand, I will tell you about my favorite souvenirs whenever I travel: BAGS. Or sometimes jewelry. I don't like traditional souvenirs because they clutter my house and they are kitschy. But of course, I like to bring home a piece of the place I spent wonderful time in. I like to bring home the spirit of the city and put it all in a new bag. Bags are one of my renowned pleasures together with magazines and painting my nails.

So, from the moment I set foot in Barcelona I was on a quest to find my perfect Barcelona bag. Days went by, tens of bags were carefully reviewed but even the ones I could not afford (they were many I tell you) didn't speak (Spanish) to me. I was about to lose any hope I had left ...

And then, one day, the last day of our stay, we were on La Rambla ... Out of nowhere one bag called me from a shop we were walking by. I entered, it was not yet the perfect bag: neither the look nor the price (a little over 200 euros). But the shop assistant was nice to show us what they had on sale. And there it was -love at first sight - my Barcelona bag that would carry the city back home for me.

The shop was Custo Barcelona. It is a nice gallery with illustrations. I particularly liked their attention to details: the design of the price tag and of the receipt and even the shopping bag that contained my beloved bag. My mission was complete. I was ready to leave the city with my soul at peace.

This fall I am caring a piece of Barcelona with me every day and enjoy it a lot!

What are your favorite souvenirs?

Have a spectacular weekend!


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