31 October 2012

All Hallows Eve

Growing up, Halloween was not celebrated in Romania. Little by little we became citizens of the world and traditions from all over the world were embraced. Any reason to celebrate is good enough for me. Because when we celebrate a tradition we celebrate life and all its precious moments.

I didn't know much about All Hallows/Spirits Day nor about the following All Souls Day so I found some interesting details here . Trick or treat? I got an early start yesterday and gave you a  Candy.

Today I took the chance and celebrated Halloween with my boys for the first time. We carved and decorated a pumpkin and also made some jam out of the pumpkin core - and what a nice smell that brought!

Here is my big hero with our craft. The small one didn't have a costume so we better be more prepared next year.

Last treat of the day:  Sting and his "Soul cake" - a song very dear to me. This is from the album "If on a Winter's Night" but soul cakes were offered as treats on All Souls Day, so the song couldn't be more right.

Do you have any special plans for Halloween?


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    1. Hurray! My first comment :)
      Glad you liked it. You can join next year for a little party. Thanks for the first comment on my blog...