21 September 2012

Rockstar dad

I had a whole different glorious beginning planned for my blogger life but who cares…
Since the following brought me to tears I figured it was enough of a daily pleasure to share it with you: Jeff Gutt audition to X Factor.
He impressed even the mighty Simon and Britney had tears in her eyes. He will be a rockstar- that’s for sure and he’s a father to top that, a fairly good looking one I might say. What more could a girl ask for?!
He sang Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. For those of you going to Leonard Cohen’s concert in Bucharest this weekend– enjoy the original! Until then, the “copy” is very good as well.
Watch it quickly as the bigger version I had minutes ago got blocked by Fremantle – the owning company. If the video doesn’t play just “you tube” him :).

How did you like it? Is he rockstar material?
Have a marvelous weekend!

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