25 September 2012

Kitchen deco

If you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen (and even if you’re not) there may come a time when you get bored. Bored with the activities there or with the furniture, the tiles, the colour of your walls….

You may not have the resources (time and money) to redo your kitchen. But there is always something you can have: fresh flowers on your kitchen counter. Not on the table- there you will have food that will bring enough pleasure to your senses. The counter is the place where you do all your kitchen “stuff” and this is the easiest way to decorate it.

I placed mine right next to my sink and they bring so much joy to my eyes.
This is the best deco advice I came across so far as it does wanders to me whenever I follow it.

Do you have any deco advice you would like to share?  

P.S. same place, same flowers, a year after


  1. That is a great idea. I also like how the color of the flowers goes with the color of the tiles.

    I just discovered your blog and I like it :).

    1. Happy to hear that. I only recently started it and I am so glad to hear such nice words.
      Thanks a lot!