27 September 2012

I'm addicted

Jane by Design

Yes, yes, I admit it…

It’s not to purses, shoes, chocolate, ice cream (fine..., these too, sometimes) but to TV series.
When I have the chance (not very often so I guess I can still be cured) I glue to my computer screen until I look sad and bitter. At least that’s what A told me. Actually he asked me: Why are you looking so upset and angry?

It was surely not what it/I looked like. But the fact that it was around 3 am and I was sleepy to the max, making an effort to keep my eyes open just to be able to nail the end of  “Jane by design”. After that there was “Suits” – it made me consider a career change to become a layer. Before that it was: “Modern family”, “Doctor House”, “Lipstick Jungle”, “Lie to me” ...

Oh, sweet addiction! It feels so nice to be taken down by a guilty pleasure. I’ll sleep when I die!
Tonight, Modern Family is back on ABC. Until then I let you enjoy the “Jane by design”...
What are you addicted to? I'd surely love to know.


  1. You are so funny. I have the same addictions...and more. I will have to check out "Jane by Design".

    A series that I am enjoying at the moment is "Downton Abbey". Well, not really enjoying at the moment, because I have seen series 1 and 2, and patiently waiting for series 3 to come to the US in January. Do you know it?

    1. Unfortunately Jane by Design was cut off for the second season. I was very sad to hear that.
      I don't know Downton Abbey but I will surely find some time to watch it. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll get back to you after I see some episodes.

  2. Hmm, I declare myself guilty as you with Tv series! I liked a lot "Lie to me".

    If you've seen “Doctor House” i suggest to watch "Grey's Anatomy", it's nice and interesting.
    Kisses, Eliza

  3. I did watch Grey's Anatomy but I believe it was at the end of the second season that something pissed me off and I quitted. Friends confirmed recently that there is nothing new there. But maybe I will give it another try