28 September 2012

Easy like Sunday mornings

I’m sure you all have „recipes” for perfect Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings are special- right in the middle of the weekend, just like cream in a cake, and we all enjoy them in our fashion.
My way involves magazines. Magazines are one of my top pleasures all around the week as they are so unpretentious , accessible, good looking ... Want more reasons to try this at home:
  1. You can enjoy them even if you have so little as 5 minutes to yourself
  2. They are like teleporters- beaming you up in a new world full of beautiful things and pleasures
  3. They keep me in the news: books, events, films, places to go people to see
  4. They create needs hard to imagine: some accessible, some not. So, if you want to fulfill them you have to be very creative
  5. They cultivate your style. As someone once said: style is something you learn, you are not born with it.
  6. They offer good success stories motivating you to aim high
  7. Provide proof that you are not the only one having a certain problem: like the (in)famous work-life balance and even some solutions to cope.
Below is my September pile that will give me enough to read until the end of the year. On the left side there are local magazines and on the right side international editions that I buy whenever I get the chance to travel.

In addition to this I never throw magazines away but give all to my friends so somebody will enjoy them once again.
What’s your easy Sunday morning like?

Have a marvelous weekend!


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