26 September 2012

Cash & Credit

D&G fall 2012 Vogue.com
It’s out of grandmother’s closet right into fashion trends… To be more precise D&G Fall 2012 trends.
What am I talking about?!:
This is like in magazines: the above are the credit versions (around 4500 minimum). I am more than happy with my cash find - floral black dress (100 times cheaper).
I bought it from El Corte Ingles. It was love at first sight and to top that my hubby liked it as much as I did. So, 5 minutes after, it was mine to keep from Barcelona with love.

Formula Joven dress
This weekend I am going to a half Italian wedding and I was thinking of wearing my Italian inspired dress. There will be a dinner after the church ceremony and I need your advice: is this appropriate? If so I will make sure to post a picture next week to show you how it all went.

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