30 September 2012

Black or White

A new week awaits, a new beginning... Let's make it special. We'll have a black and white themed week.

Black and white 1 -Black dress versus white dress

Remember my plans for the past weekend? I asked if I should wear this to a wedding. I realized later that I had another option so, to spare me the stress of choosing between the 2, I wore both:
The white one at the church ceremony and the black one at the dinner that followed.

Let me tell you about weddings: I like them a lot for 2 reasons:
1. the bride: seeing a bride is like seeing a dream come true
2. the wedding ceremony at the church - this is what I like most and it was the most special moment from my wedding also. The ceremony is about making a commitment and about love. Attending other marriage ceremonies reminds you from time to time that marriage is forever.

 Do you like weddings and if so, why?

Have a spectacular week!

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