24 September 2012

2 shades of red

No, this is not my cut out version of "50 Shades of Gray" -another pleasure, another post. This is much more innocent...

Remember when you were little and learning to draw between the lines?! Probably not, but you can imagine. Well, the following is the grown up version of colouring - no, not the colouring that SATC Carrie & Co were talking about :). Nail colouring.

I don't know about you but for me this is pure pleasure even when I concentrate to make things/nails right. The manicure of this week is 2 coloured. Perfect for when you have 2 similar colours and you can't decide what to chose. When in doubt, pick both!

The DIY steps are:

1. pick 2 colours and add a base coat

2. apply the base coat

3. paint one half  in the lighter colour

4.  paint the other half  in the darker colour so that, if necessary, any imperfections can be covered by the darker shade

5. optionally, if not already bored, apply a top coat - this will make it last longer.

Most important- have fun! Don't worry if colour gets on your skin. It will easily go off as soon as you wash your hands.

Would you try this at home?


  1. I love painting my nails. I am often asked when I have the time to do them, but for me is a very relaxing activity. It makes me feel very girlish and good instantly.

    1. I guess when you like something you find time, even if, it's after midnight. It pays off,just like you said, I feel so good aftewards