1 January 2020

My 3 Words for 2020

In an effort to switch from frustrating new year resolutions to new year guiding "lights", this is my eighth "3 words" exercise. It starts with a dreamy Hermes print and goes inward. A journey to the center of me. A conversation about what I need to be centered. Every year, resistance is cornering me: "What do I need this for?". Cause I always forget everything by June. Well, once I go back and read them before NYE, I recognize again and again that my 3 words served me well. Setting intentions on the first day of January is powerful. It casts a spell that will veil me throughout the new year. My 3 words for 2020 are: 

27 December 2019

A year in review: 2019 Alphabet

Awarness was the theme for my 2019.

Banksy - my art crush. Starting with the unauthorized show in Amsterdam and moving to the one in Bucharest. The latest came with an aha moment on the side.

Cristian hugging Tudor after he ruined his domino-like construction with Jenga blocks. This is one of the tenderest moments I've witnessed this year.

15 December 2019

The award for best life advise goes to

From impromptu real life conversations

 "Mom, you loved us very much when we were little." says Cris, out of the blue. I said nothing waiting for more cause this was surely going somewhere.

7 December 2019

Of rats and men

Rats can learn how to drive rat-mobiles. Did you know that?

Rat-mobiles are the poor sister of bat-mobiles. A clear plastic food container makes the miniature car completed with wheels, an aluminum floor and three copper bars the rats use as a steering wheel.

Several rats were trained within a so-called enriched environment, with access to toys, tiny ladders and pine cones. Several others received their training within a traditional enclosure. The rats in the enriched environment proved better at driving, while the rats in the traditional enclosure “barely made any progress”.

29 November 2019

The power of music: 7 reasons why kids should sing in a choir

Do you sing? I do especially in the car when the radio surprises me with an oldie but goldie. It seems  I still remember a lot of the lyrics I learnt more than 20 years ago:

This world has lost its glory let's start a brand new story now my love
Right now there'll be no other time and I can show you all my love
Talk an everlasting words and dedicate them all to me

6 January 2019

My 3 Words for 2019

In an effort to switch from frustrating new year resolutions to new year guiding "lights", this is my seventh "3 words" exercise. It starts with a dreamy Hermes print and goes inward. A journey to the centre of me. A conversation about what I need to be centred. And here is what myself and I agree on for the brand new 2019.

30 November 2018

My autumn alphabet, 2018

Autumn of 2018, I wander how it will go down in history?! In my life, it will be the time I finally started to take care of me. Baby steps. Like taking little chunks of time off to rest, long walks with the boys, or the wildest of them all, ditching housework for a full Saturday of being visitors in our own town. Here are bits of memories on the back of my head, just like the falling leaves left on the pavement:

Advice on raising teenage boys, because I'm starting to need it.
Back to school is always such a cruel way to part with the easy-breezy summer.
Cooking is for Cristian the only activity he will happily do at any time, even if it takes him away from his beloved devices.
Dacia parade was a time travel back to my childhood and even further.

Eating Mexican food at the food festival.
Forests, flowers  and flamingos make me happy. There's this happy place of mine, on top of a hill. There, fear sets in and adventure starts. I was afraid of wild animals, unknown territories and kids that are no longer in my sight. Like Cris the explorer.
Going to the farmers market in the weekend is one of my favorite weekend activities.

Hopscoth with 1493 squares - the biggest physical challenge of the fall.
Keen to making space for writing too.

Leaving the house, on a Saturday , with no idea where to go.
Morning out of school spent in the park,
National Library visit - meeting kids writers from Basarabia
Playing board games
Queen rings - I bought from Pandora to feel more of what I already am
Reading as opposed to watching TV series
Trimming my shoes, because why not
Unwinding on a minivacation when we made friends with a rabbit

Videomapping on Casa Poporului - the one event Cris remembers everything about. I asked Cris : "How come you remember all the details about iMapp last year but always forget stuff about school?" "Megs, I only remember important stuff"
Wanderlust TV series- because one cannot stay 3 months away from Netflix, isn't it so?!
eXperiencing the power of example where 2 boys aged 10 and 7 had a baby spinach and tuna salad for dinner.
"You are worthy of the love you are freely give to other"
Zest for rest and downtime.

24 July 2018

My sweetlicious ghost

Some things I stubbornly want to never forget. Like a kiss, a funny remark, even a frown filled with contempt. I was taking off my socks one day with Tudor by my side when he kissed my feet. Just like that. I smiled with surprise and joy. Tudor was waiting for more, looking at me all along. He finally asked for a confirmation:
"Was it sweetlicious(ro: A fost dulcios?)
Oh, my love, it surely was."

16 July 2018

Mini Parkour at Berca Mud Vulcanoes

Grown ups have places to see. Children have experiences to enjoy. This may well be the conclusion of our visit to the Mud Vulcones. But let me tell you how it started.

14 April 2018

Cleanin' out my bags closet

Zara bag that I customised with pins, adjusted the strap and covered it with colourful fabric, 130 ron

This is not about Eminem, but did you know that he has a new album out, "Revival"?

4 April 2018

Blue is the colour, perspective is the game

Jardin Majorelle is located on the new side of Marrakech. It is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. In the midst of the town's craziness and colour overload, a special shade of blue brings peace and energy at the same time. It's called Majorelle blue just as  Romania's special is called Voronet blue.

31 March 2018

What I've been reading 2017-2018

It was in my early twenties when I set a goal of reading at least 1 book per month. A very low bar, but even so, couldn't keep up once I became a working mom. Not a mom, because when I was breastfeeding Cristian, was reading a lot while he was attached to me.

24 March 2018

Nailed it: Anti-Bleak

The weather is bleak right now and it was the same few weeks ago when we went looking for the sun in Morocco. Every good trip starts with a good manicure cause nice nails travel better. And sometimes the colour has just the right name: Anti-Bleak from OPI.

18 March 2018

My secret wish

Today is not my birthday. I don't have any candles to blow. I do have wishes. And who needs birthdays to make a wish?!

I remember one vacation at the seaside. We were at a kids party when the most interesting thing happened. The kids in the audience were taught how to make a wish. Unfortunately I can't remember the whole deal but it was such a nice ritual . One thing I do remember is they were told to close their eyes at some point.

2 January 2018

My 3 words for 2018

In an effort to switch from frustrating new year resolutions to new year guiding "lights", this is my sixth "3 words" exercise. I almost forgot about it and my first thought was : "Not this year!". But I soon realized all my yearly 3 words served me well. It only took 3 minutes to decide, as if they were waiting to see the light, be my torch in 2018:

25 December 2017

C from Christmas card, comfort and cooking

Winter break or no break, winter is the best season to spend some time by the fire. As much as I love a good fireplace, I was referring to the time spent in front of the stove. Which I really like especially if it's followed by heartfelt, mouth-watering compliments from the 3 men in the house. Hubby said the duck with cabbage was probably the best thing he ate in his entire life.Thumbs up for such a flattering remark.

11 October 2017

My Black Sea: Sun Up, Worries Down

My summer was not lazy nor crazy. I missed the craziness of a last minute ride to the sea followed by a lazy day on the beach. I longed for long dates with my couch watching Netflix late at night. Instead I was busy with unplanned house renovation due to minor water damage. As if this wasn't enough, September was knocking at the door , bringing Tudor's first day in school. This meant some new routines I needed to prepare and organize for. I felt overwhelmed with worries. There was just one thing that could put a stop to my irritating thoughts.

9 September 2017

The catcher in the hills

"...I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody's around – nobody big, I mean – except me. And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff – I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I'd do all day."

18 August 2017

The unknown story of a red chair

One red chair made me stop and stare when I was hiking back from The Royal Sheepfold Glade (Stana Regala). It looked like Marina Abramovic set there during one of her performances. Just days before, I watched InnSaei on Netflix and it may be where this weird feeling was coming from. Abramovic, too.

11 August 2017

Storytelling matters: my afternoon with Debbie Millman

Who is Debbie Millman?

Debbie is a writer, educator, artist, brand consultant and host of the radio show Design matters.
Tim Ferris introduced me to Debbie Millman. Through a podcast, obviously, not in person. However I did get the chance to see Debbie in person. She talked about "How to design your creative life".

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