18 April 2015

Stockholm for kids - Skansen and more

There's a curious kid hidden in me. Every now and then she wants to go out and play and see the world. I think that's why traveling makes me so happy. And when there is fun for the kid in me it is as good as it gets.

Djurgarden island in Stockholm is the place to be if you want to entertain your kids or your inner kid. The open air museum Skansen should be top of the list. It's a park, a museum, a zoo, an aquarium, a playground, an open air concert hall. As if these weren't enough, Skansen offers a spectacular view of the city and it has the most beautiful souvenir shop I've ever seen. Design is at it's best in Sweden. Here are some photos we took early March this year. Out of 5 days, just one was sunny so we took the opportunity to spend it outside :

There were tunnels that ended with observation spots to get you closer to the rabbits.

Very close to Skansen there are other attractions :

Vasa Museum where you can see the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world that stayed under water for 333 years
Junibacken  the house of fantasy play
Aquaria Water Museum
Gröna Lund's Amusement Park
The National Museum of Science and Technology

Further away from city centre are:
Sky View
Swedish Museum of Natural History and Cosmonova

And outside Stockholm:
Tom Tits Experiment 

Have a great time in Stockholm!

16 April 2015

Wedding gown inspiration: the bold and the beautiful

Every girl wants to be a princess, at least for a day. You know, THAT day... All those fairy tales we listened to in our childhood are to blame. But, at the end, feeling like a princess isn't bad at all. And some dreams should be pursued. Like the one where you are wearing a spectacular gown and you feel princessy at least for a day. I already had my special day. Even so, I still enjoy looking at wonderful wedding gowns. Like the one Cinderella is wearing in the 2015 Disney movie. You can learn more about the creative process here.

Elegant is good but bold is even better. I was totally taken by this leather wedding dress by Maria Korovilas. It looks appropriate for wedding anniversaries too, so I can dream of wearing something similar on our 10 year anniversary.

Which one do you like best?

A dress a day keeps the doctor away!

Credit photo: the coveteur , Vanity Fair

12 April 2015

Splendor in the grass or how we spent Easter

The days before Easter found me longing for the way Easter used to be when I was still living with my parents. And it's not the celebration that I miss most but the preparation part that had the entire family working together, bonding and sharing.

We are spending the first Easter day home,  but I simply gave up at some point, realizing that I don't have the time to prepare as much as I'd wish too. In the end, Sunday didn't turn that bad after all. The sun was shining so I took the boys out and spent the Ester barefoot in the park. We had our first picnic together, something the boys were long waiting for.

The park was quiet when we get there, I guess most people were having a traditional lunch home at the time. We enjoyed our unconventional lunch on the blanket. The weather was so warm and nice that we were soon barefoot enjoying the grass and the sand. And the palm trees in the middle of our crowded town. Kids played in the sand, made friends, made balloons...

Cristian asked me to close my eyes for 10 minutes and soon after he showed me his special gift:

Tudor wanted to get back on the blanket and play a game. He even snapped some photos of me. Turns out my face was just in one of them.

Cristian rolled on the grass and played some more.

Cristian told me he wished this day would never end. Tudor glued on me under the tree, asked for tens of kisses and said how much he liked the silence and peace there. It wasn't such a silent place but he must of felt that way...

Some days exceed all my expectations without any preparation in advance. We just need a little bit of sun and a lot of love.

Happy Easter to you too!