12 September 2016

Back to school '16

By the time I am writing this, well into the night, I am sure you are all fed up with back to school photos on FB. I am, too. But this is not for today and it is not for anybody else other than me. Truth is I can't remember any of my back to school days, although I remember I liked getting back to school. In case this happens for my 2 boys, they will have the www to go back to. I will surely do so when I won't get to walk them to school anymore. So I am privileged now and this is how things should go in history.

To begin with, my fridge never looked better than last night. I should switch from flowers on my kitchen counter to flowers in the fridge. They are such a lovely surprise and nobody could tell you anymore that your fridge is empty. Note to self: make sure to buy edible ones next time.

Tadaa, the classic picture. It may look easier to take than it really is cause kids don't normally just pose. Luckily it was too early in the morning and they were partially numb.

I love the shirt on shirt combo I prepared for Tudor, provided that the collars are different. A little self praise didn't hurt anyone, did it?!

The most heated moment of the day, other than the pile of clothes I had to iron at 6am in the morning, was Cristian's joy when he met his best friend from school. I was happy to see it was mutual and witness their excitement.

Notice Cristian's face after a lot of time in the spinning wheel. And of course he didn't like me taking pictures of himself. Of course it didn't bother me at all cause sometimes I don't like stuff he does to me. And we are far from even.

Same parks after school, same stunts. I love the routine of it all, the things we do while we are waiting for Tudor to finish his short day at kindergarten.

Tudor was very happy with his day. We visited some more playgrounds and of course there was room for some brotherly disputes along the way.

Boys will be boys and first days of school will always be special. In the midst of it all, I found peace in the shadow marks on the playground's carpet. I wish my school year was as serene as this photo looks to me.

 May you find peace and sun and shadow wherever you are! Happy school year to you!

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4 September 2016

Style Notes to Self: September

1. What I would like to wear this fall: a floral print I have on a Zara dress (the one in the picture is from latest H&M add) and pink, because I've always liked this colour. Especially this fall when Rose Quarts is one of the 2 Pantone colours of 2016.

2. Sweater cue not to take myself too seriously and add playfulness hints to some of my outfits.

3. A tiara because the inner strength women demonstrate these days should be toned down with princessy details on the outside.

4. Same Diesel bag, 2 versions. I can't decide which I like most.

5. I don't have it in me to wear such dark lipstick but I plan to use some bold lipstick shades this fall.

6. A Musette bag I love because of the wide, studded, shoulder strap. Colour and print are also nice. I plan to make it mine as soon as it will be on sale in January. The wait will make the buying/having even better.

7. A reminder to wear colourful details just like I've always liked.

8. There's been no addition to my ring collection this year. This Pandora ring is nice enough to bring it home with me.

9. Special occasions ask for special outfits. Dressing appropriately and leaving the everyday style rut is surely easier said than done.

10. This KIKA patchwork bench would look very nice in our hallway.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

2 September 2016

Fairytales with horses

Our family is not that keen on celebrating. However, there are days too special not to enjoy wholeheartedly. Like the 1st of June, the Children's day. We took advantage of a special offer and enjoyed the day in a fairy setting, with horses, stuntmen, a wolf, medieval stories and some surprises at Basme cu Cai :

During the mid show break the kids were invited to take pictures with the charaters from the show: actors and animals too. This is the part kids seemed to enjoy best. It was very brave of them to sit next to a wolf and touch it. They felt very courageous and special after the photos.


I highly recommend the show. I think we, the adults, enjoyed it even more than the kids did.

A show a day keeps the doctor away!

30 August 2016

Vive les vacances, vive les tongs!

F and I, we go back a long time. 7 years I think. We have a friendship relationship of sorts. Even though we only meet twice a year max, we share the best time of the year.

F may come from freedom or the breeze caressing my feet with its soft touch. F actually comes from flip flops. Flip flops, makeup remover wipes, my colorful Desigual bag, they all mean the same to me: the time of the year when breakfast is served to me. That time of the year when my flip flops and I, we have places to go, people to see.

Vive les vacances, vive les flip flops!

A vacation a year keeps the doctor away!

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25 August 2016

Now and Then: When magic begins

Summer of 16

Sitting on a bench watching my kids play in the playground is not one of my favorite things to do. I believe it's not one of the boys' favorite either. Most of the times we get the chance, we wander around our neighborhood. It may sound boring, there are a lot of blocks of flats, not that many gardens. Yet, we always find something interesting. Provided that we take our curiosity on the road with us. And we always do. 

This is how we found this fruit and later on the tree where it came from. I've never seen it before. Do you know what it is? We don't, so we are still fascinated with it.

Most of the times the boys have some sort of a vehicle with them. You can imagine their joy when they find a puddle. They even ask for my permission to go through it and, of course, I say yes. What could be more fun?

Other times we see peculiar things like a single house hidden between blocks of flats, or a pigeons cage hidden in plain view on top of a 8 storey building. Who knew somebody raises pigeons 3 blocks away from us?! Few days ago I spotted a small moss mat. Cristian was quick to tell me it indicates the North while Tudor was hesitant to touch it first.

Summer of 15

More than a year ago, another walk around. Cristian tasted honeysuckle for the first time. I taught him the proper way to get the juice out of it just like I did when I was his age.

Here the boys found some big pinecones and they were having a walk break, resting. We must have walked for quite a while that day.

My favorite find is this mural, "When you sleep, the magic begins".

When you walk, the magic begins. When you search, the magic begins.

A magic walk a day keeps the doctor away!

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18 August 2016

Nailed it - wedding shades

What I like most about summer is the feeling that time is on my side, because of the long days, good weather and more time spent outside. And I like my bright nails too, in all the beautiful colors. Or darker colors. Most of the times, when I do my mani myself at home, I choose whatever I feel like that moment. For special occasions there is a line of thinking. Can you believe that? Of course you do.

These 2 shades were picked for weddings: the delightful pink went with a mostly black dress and the gray was for a powder pink dress. I especially like the gray because it is metallic with the perfect touch of glitter, not too much, so you can make it everyday appropriate too. So, wedding shades, there you have it! I am sure it was everything you missed in life. I don't know about you but I have been missing my "Nailed it" posts. Girl just wanna have fun!

A mani a day keeps the doctor away!

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12 August 2016

Arges Riverside Park

Sometimes most of the great things in my life come together: an extended weekend, my 2 boys, my hometown, the house I grew up in, my family and a new park. All these spiced up with the untainted  joy of life only kids can have. Luckily it is contagious, so much that at some point, while watching my kids play with the water, I found myself praying out of gratitude for those moments of peaceful bliss.

This time our little adventure started in the new park in Pitesti, on the riverside of Arges river. Cri and Tud were very excited to ride the tandem tricycle we rented. Tud was screaming about how awesome the ride was. We had to come back again for another 1 hour ride where Tud got the courage to ride, too.

Second visit to the park we had some extra fun with the little water fountains. I invited the boys to go an get wet. They were shy about it first but in the end, even I couldn't stay on the side and joined them. I continued to walk barefoot until we left the park. I can't even remember the last time I did that but I definitely need to this more often.

A park a day keeps the doctor away!

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