27 March 2015

Almost embarassed about...

This week I decided I should dress more like the responsible grown up that I am. Although I'm more in favor of dresses and skirts a girl needs pants for those days when you don't feel like putting too much thought into dressing or when your legs are not ready to be shown to the world.

The reality is I only own jeans and only 1 pair is work appropriate. So I decided I need some classic pants to wear at work. That was easy, I made this decision  in seconds. The execution, however was almost embarrassing.

First things first: I entered a store and eventually picked up a pair to try. As the shop assistant approached me I asked for a 40 (size). She measured me and said ok. I'm telling you there was no "I'll give you a 40" look "but you should try a 50 instead".

In the dressing room, the moment of truth, I couldn't button my pants. I was nowhere near 40 so I asked for 2 size bigger. Embarrassment was just around the corner. For some reason the lady brought me only one size bigger to try and , of course, they didn't fit. Now I looked shame in the eyes and said no : "You are not a model and it's ok." The next size was almost OK and I was almost embarrassed. Just like I realized I'm almost fat.

6 or 7 tries away I found an acceptable pair and it was size 46. Happy to find pants that fit me but no so happy about the size. My surprise was even bigger cause I wear 38 in jeans...I should have stuck with jeans.

When I came home, the first thing I did was to tell all about it to A. At least he would be happy to make jokes for a long time now. We will both laugh about it, but for me it won't be that funny. He said he will call me 46. You can, too. Maybe this way, this time, I will do something about it...

Even so, to tell you the truth, I wasn't embarrassed, just almost embarrassed...

26 March 2015

On repeat- Seynabo Sei

This spring I fell in love with Stockholm. Although I am back in Bucharest for some time now, I still think abut the city every day. Luckily, Stockholm found his way back home with me in the form of the Swedish singer Seinabo Sey. It was one of the small coincidences I enjoy so much.

Here are some of her songs, if you'd like:
River is excellent in the morning to get you energized for the day;
You is more for an aching soul with a beat very much like a heart beat. I love it!;
Younger is the hit that made her famous;
Pistols at Down has a little U2 vibe; 
Hard time sounds excellent too.

What are you musically obsessed about these days?


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23 March 2015

Saturday fun

This weekend the sun was so inviting, we couldn't stay in. Too much. Saturday started with the boys making kites at ARCUB:

After the crafting, there was a play, "Town Musicians from Bremen" . Despite the fact that we have lots of books at home, this nice story is missing so I was happy they could see it there.

Next thing, we were wandering the streets of the city center and we paid a visit to my cousin. The kids couldn't be more happy. It turned out to be even more interesting for them as they played their first PlayStation game.

After that it was time for another visit and a barbecue, playing in the yard and finally, some rest:

The spring is here and so are we: me, my boys and our memories.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

11 March 2015

Nailed it - Grape

Children's Rain Forest at Skansen

Sometimes 2 monkeys meet. What differentiates the 2 is: on one side the blonde monkey doesn't have a black tail and on the other side the black monkey doesn't have grape nails. The nail polish is OPI "A Grape Affair" from the Coca Cola collection.

Somehow, I'm still not ready to embrace light springish colours. Are you?

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3 March 2015

Now and then - George of the (urban) jungle

March 2013 -it was the first time Cristian climbed a tree in a playground near our home. This weekend we visited the same playground and, of course, some fun you just can't miss.

The funniest thing is, these days, Tudor calls Cristian "George Paunescu". I have no idea where this name came from but Tudor does this to annoy Cristian, while Cristian would say back to him "20-year-old old lady" (batranica de 20 de ani). I think they came up with this one by themselves.  These boys, I love them to pieces...

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17 February 2015

Valentine's 2015

How should I feel when Cristian draws love notes and goes to a movie with a girl in his class? The obvious answer is old. I should feel old if I could get around to believing this. Instead it feels surreal. My big boy is growing wings and I couldn't be more happier.

My little love joys fade in the light of Cristian's "romance". Still here is what I enjoyed lately: a sign of spring on my kitchen counter gifted with love by A and C; a custom Ted coffee cup.

Friday afternoon, I paid a visit to the most beautiful book store. The card I found there was the most appropriate love message I could give to both my Valentine and I on V day:

" Love may contain trace elements of bitterness, disappointment, jealousy and madness." Especially if it's more than 10 years old. But it's still love...

4 February 2015

Style crush: mix and match

Source: TheSartorialist
Every once in a while TheSartorialist posts a photo I just can't get my eyes off. As I am starring at this nice lady, all sorts of thoughts are running through my head:

  • powder pink goes with everything;
  • wearing black shoes and brown bag, like I do, can be quite a fashionable combination;
  • thanks God she is not wearing sneakers like everybody else these days;
  • mixing prints fascinates me as I am learning to play more with this;
  • I need a vest in my wardrobe asap;
  • layering is an art I would love to master some day;
  • a nice hat goes a long (fashionable) way;
  • scarves are such a great purchase, and they can be the focus of every outfit;
  • pockets are really great, especially when you don't know what to do with your hands; and they keep you warm too;
  • even the most discreet smile is for sure your greatest accessory.

A style lesson a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. I wanna be like her and real headturner

31 January 2015

The summer of '14 - Alba Iulia old town

One sunny summer afternoon we made a quick visit to Alba Iulia on our way back home from Turda Salt Mine. The Old City has a lot to offer and it was a nice first history lesson for the boys.

It was quite intense for me to be in the same room where our history was written, whereas the boys were more preoccupied with the wooden snakes they just bought outside the museum. But when the time will come to learn about this in school, I will have the chance to show them they already visited the Unification Hall.

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The summer of '14, at Turda Salt Mine

Because we haven't seen any pictures of the Turda salt mine before, what we saw in there really took us by surprise. A very nice surprise...

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