19 April 2014

Call it magic

Have you seen the video for "Magic", the new song by Coldplay? When I get in the holiday mood, be it Easter or  Christmas , I feel a little bit of magic. And where to find magic better than at the circus. You may know by now that me and my "monkeys" don't miss a chance to enjoy the circus. Tudor was only 15 month old when he went for the first time and he loved it.

What I want to say, in fact, is that life itself is a circus. And it's up to us to enjoy the magic of the show. "Call it magic, such a precious truth"

I wish you a magic Easter!

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17 April 2014

How to act at a dinner party

There was a time when I devoured chick lit. Turns out, not so much these days. I am reading "Revenge wears Prada" and I am mostly bored. Maybe because my time is so much precious now that I don't own it anymore, and so I am more picky when I choose what to do with my "me time". However, I did find a nice piece of advice, in the book, on how to act at a dinner party . Especially since Easter is just a few days away, you may find yourself around a table you didn't necessarily want to be at. Or just simply, around new people that you are not yet comfortable with . For all these occasions just:

"Smile, act interested and show your adorable side"

It may actually be as easy as it sounds.

A dinner party a day keeps the doctor away!

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15 April 2014

12 tips for organising beauty products

Whenever my kids are away I put on my "organization specialist" hat and try to improve my habitat. This Sunday it was time for my bathroom beauty inventory. When we moved I decided to keep my corner shelf unit instead of having a cabinet because this way everything is so easy to grab. But it can get messy and it shows, so here is how it looked before my organizing adventure:

And here are my tips to get from chaos to order:
  • keep only things used at least on monthly basis and find another storage for the ones you no longer use regularly ( for me it was the baby nasal aspirator);
  • move travel-size containers and samples into a closet near the travel cosmetic bag;
  • declutter: check the expiration date and also consider the time you first opened the container because there is a limit to opening time on most beauty products;
  • keep whatever you feel safe to keep. I don't want to look at the date on my mascara because I only use it maybe once a month and so far it didn't kill me;
  • diminish the size of my trow-all container from a small basket to an even smaller heart shaped one. I keep some hair clips there, a lip balm and sometimes rings and jewelry;

  • keep the products used daily in one container close to the sink and mirror
  • put away all the combs and brushes and keep the only one I use (the other is my mother's)
  • mend and clean whatever you can. As you can see my brush is cut in 2 and I always forget to buy superglue but someday I will remember. At least I cleaned it;
  • containers: I used whatever I already had: a candle holder, a nice jar and even a plastic popcorn glass
  • throw away all my hygiene products original package and put them in more fun containers like a candle holder so that the overall look is "friendlier"
  • lastly, have each product with its own place so that it is very easy to reach and put back in order;

  • add your personal touch: a candle, an inspirational quote, fresh flowers or whatever speaks to you. For me is the front package of my "La vie est belle" Lancome parfume. It's a nice thought to start the morning with and it has some pink and some glitter. A reminder for the mommy me that even though I now have around 5 minutes to get ready in the morning I still am a girly girl at heart.

In the end, just like with the wardrobe, it's a process. I still have to find a place for my long necklaces for example. So, it's never done but at least I made some progress.  

I hope you find this useful and if you have any other tips of your own I'd love to hear from you.

Order a day keeps the doctor away!

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13 April 2014

Luxurios lazy morning

Most of the times I feel my greatest luxury is me. My boys leave me little time to myself and that's ok, there's nothing more I love than being by their side. But sometimes I need to recharge, and although I miss them desperately, I do treasure the time I have when they are away on vacation, like this weekend.

For the past 6 years it was either my boys or my work that dictated the time to wake up, or both. So being able to sleep in late this weekend was a real treat. A luxury I only have few times a year and I liked it to the max. I had my pets around playing over me and they surely enjoyed my undivided attention just as much as I enjoyed their company.

So, tell me, did you have any real treats this past weekend?

A lazy morning a day keeps the doctor away! 

12 April 2014

Take 5 for gratitude

You may know by now that I am a huge fan of GLP. And today John Durant was saying that happiness is overrated and I totally agree cause happiness is scarce, short and sweet (this is what I am saying). A happy life is just an ideal, people can't be happy all the time. There are days when you go to sleep with a smile on your face and some when you don't. And sometimes you feel that the bed things are weighing more than the good things which are rapidly undermined. That is why from time to time, to have a good life, you need to pause for 5 minutes (take 5) and be grateful for the good things in your life. Here is what I am particularly grateful for today:

Lilac is in bloom all around my block and it smells divine.

Source: Mirror

This week I've been following the British royal family on their tour in Australia. Isn't Prince George so cute! He is the only one that can mess with Kate's hair cause otherwise she has her personal hair dresser travelling with her. Talking about royal treatment :). And regarding the duchess: history repeating . Again. With the outfit she wore when she arrived in Australia. And as much as I value originality I think the duchess is playing smart . And has been, ever since she set her mind to get in the same collage William did. A pretty ambitious woman, don't you think ? There are tons to be said here and she might as well write a manual on how to do the impossible and get the most wanted boy on the continent.

Tim Rooke/Rex USA: Tim Graham/Getty
A good movie- Divergent. It was not my choice, but I liked it from minute 1, as it starts with an interesting social model. And I must tell you I have  new celebrity crush: Theo James and a new book waiting in line: Insurgent

And so many more: a good read on "Why you need to be interesting", my sons telling me I'm beautiful, a walk in the rain with Pufi , a nice chick lit I am currently reading, watching Romania's got talent, eating a Magnum Espresso and so much more. Little things worth sharing :).

What are the things you are grateful for these days?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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10 April 2014

Break (free)

Sometimes you let things get to you. And "things" get to you precisely because you allow them to exist in the first place. And maybe the first time things happen you feel outraged and feel the need to talk, do something to prevent things from happening again. Second time you are angry and maybe you talk again and you still hope things will go away. And the third and the forth and counting, you almost find it "normal" because it is your reality after all.

And then it happens again and you catch a glimpse of somebody staring at you and feeling sorry for you. And you finally realize that what you possibly still can take, needs to stop. And how do you make it stop? You can only put a stop to you, only you, your presence and your feelings. So you stop and think and rethink.

While I do some soul searching, heart mending and decision making I am voluntarily stepping away from joy. So, that's my complicated way of saying I'm taking a break from this joyous place - my blog. I'll be back, that much I know.


8 April 2014

Nailed it - teal

Greenish blue, dark turquoise, cyan, teal are all "kind of" the same color: part green, part blue. Boys, so that you know, I googled this cause even the feminine color knowledge is not that "complete". Although what you can see in the picture is not really true to color that's what I have now on my nails. And proud of it too :)

Just to be clear : the nails posts are my guilty pleasure here and I feel embarrassed every time I take pictures of my hand. Even though no one can see me, or at least I hope that's the case. I just love Joanna's nail polish posts so I'm hoping some of you like mine too.

A manicure a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. Today I went back to my sunny days cent. I feel/smell springty all over again.

6 April 2014

Magnum fun with kids: first ice cream of the year

For the last couple of days, it seems that winter has come back. But Friday, it was a wonderful spring day. After a long stay at home I took the boys out and we wandered the streets in our neighbourhood. Tudor was delighted to see how it "snowed" with white petals from blossomed trees; Cristian showed me some beautiful violets in a yard next to our block of flats; and I saw a lilac tree in bloom. Pufi was just running around happy to be out, too. We stopped for some grocery shopping and although I am never the one offering sweets to my boys I wanted to make an exception and I let them pick ice creams to enjoy at home.

And so we did, my boys were thrilled to have their first ice cream of 2014. I bough one for me too, Magnum Black Espresso and it was the best ice cream I had in a long time (last year I was not a fan of Magnum gold, but this year I will certainly enjoy my share of Espresso ice cream). If you like the coffee taste, vanilla cream and black chocolate, this is definitely the thing for you.

Happy kids and a great ice cream, mommy me couldn't ask for more!

An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away!

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4 April 2014

If I could wear anything this spring- Miu Miu flower coat

Although we had a pretty mild winter, this year I am embracing spring wholeheartedly. And even though I'm more of the short-leather-jacket type for spring, this coat looks too good not to sigh for it. And just like that a new "need" has just arisen. Fashion magazines have reached their target! End even if I won't go for the pricey one in the picture I think I might look for an appropriate medium-length spring coat. To make me look more lady-ish and age appropriate. Haha!

And also I am on a quest for the perfect spring nail polish. I have a light blue in mind but who knows what I will end up with.

In the meantime, I am wearing my one-and-only smile as I totally agree with Katy Perry:

"You're never fully dressed without a smile"

A smile a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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3 April 2014

Back to TV series: "True Detective"

Because I was "grounded" this weekend (by my kids being sick) I looked for a new TV series to relax with, after putting the boys to bed. I read somewhere about "True detective" so, 2 days after, I was done with all 8 episodes. Yes, I admit it, I can get crazy about TV series, but you already knew this about me, didn't you?!

The start is a bit boring, meaning the first episode. Cause the start as in opening credits are so great like the one in Suits, for example. The song* is just perfect to get you in the mood of the series. What mood you may ask? Well, one part creepy because of the atrocious crimes investigated, other part interesting to see how the relationship between the 2 partners unfolds. And also, the most fascinating part to me was Rust's life philosophy and how he talks about his believes.

The 2 characters are so wonderfully different from each other and different from what you may think of them in the beginning. Matthew McCounaghey is just awesome.

The drama builds up to the last episode which was really my favorite. Justice is done and I almost thought the ending won't be that American. Well, it is, the good wins and stays alive and the last conversation between the 2 detective is poetic:
"In the beginning it was all dark" says Rust looking at the stars" It seems to me that light wins"

Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

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* "Far From Any Road" by The Handsome Family