2 January 2018

My 3 words for 2018

In an effort to switch from frustrating new year resolutions to new year guiding "lights", this is my sixth "3 words" exercise. I almost forgot about it and my first thought was : "Not this year!". But I soon realized all my yearly 3 words served me well. It only took 3 minutes to decide, as if they were waiting to see the light, be my torch in 2018:

11 October 2017

My Black Sea: Sun Up, Worries Down

My summer was not lazy nor crazy. I missed the craziness of a last minute ride to the sea followed by a lazy day on the beach. I longed for long dates with my couch watching Netflix late at night. Instead I was busy with unplanned house renovation due to minor water damage. As if this wasn't enough, September was knocking at the door , bringing Tudor's first day in school. This meant some new routines I needed to prepare and organize for. I felt overwhelmed with worries. There was just one thing that could put a stop to my irritating thoughts.

9 September 2017

The catcher in the hills

"...I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody's around – nobody big, I mean – except me. And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff – I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I'd do all day."

18 August 2017

The unknown story of a red chair

One red chair made me stop and stare when I was hiking back from The Royal Sheepfold Glade (Stana Regala). It looked like Marina Abramovic set there during one of her performances. Just days before, I watched InnSaei on Netflix and it may be where this weird feeling was coming from. Abramovic, too.

11 August 2017

Storytelling matters: my afternoon with Debbie Millman

Who is Debbie Millman?

Debbie is a writer, educator, artist, brand consultant and host of the radio show Design matters.
Tim Ferris introduced me to Debbie Millman. Through a podcast, obviously, not in person. However I did get the chance to see Debbie in person. She talked about "How to design your creative life".

27 July 2017

The Botanical Garden of Cluj-Napoca

The Botanical Garden of  Cluj-Napoca was opened for the public 92 years ago, in 1925. It was established by Alexandru Borza who was a priest but also the founder of geobotany in Romania. It is big, 14 hectares big. It even has a sector destined for persons with sight deficiencies, created recently in order to meet the community needs.

1 July 2017

Pleasanton pamper

I am eating a big Toblerone triangle. Because I can and because I shouldn't. I will try not to feel guilty about it this time. "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get" comes to mind. I don't think so.

20 June 2017

She who rises early gets the crown

Remember this ?! 2 mildly tanned boys saying "Welcome back" to school and kindergarten? 9 months fast forward school year is over. When I say fast, I mean really fast. So fast I could barely hear my thoughts most days. I have selective hearing when it comes to my thoughts. On school nights I can only hear about what the boys schedule looks like, what will they eat/ wear/ prepare for the next day. Any other thoughts are left behind, at the back of my head. Where I can find them on vacation. Thoughts are waiting patiently, time doesn't.

12 June 2017

Where Do Afternoons Land?

"- Where do they go? The airplanes we never take?
 - I always wander the same thing, anytime I see one.
 - I always think that they go to a place I've never been. They go somewhere else."
 (The Young Pope,episode 8)

4 June 2017

A wet start of the summer

Dear parents,

The days when we get to do everything we want to are: children's day, Christmas and our birthdays. You can't resist because these are celebrations very important to us.

Cristian & Tudor

25 May 2017

Spring Alphabet

America is where spring found me. I found dreams coming true there in an experience that felt both adventurous and surreal. When I first mentioned to the boys that I might go away for a couple of weeks, they both laughed in my face."Yeah, right, you never go away mom!" But so I did and it was the best of times.

16 May 2017

San Francisco, always a good trip

Dewey Memorial, Tribute to the sailors of the United States Navy, in Union Square

They say San Francisco is home to a little bit of everything. I say it was cold and windy but still my favorite place from my US adventure. Even cold can have its perks, especially when you are not dressed appropriately. Luckily my first sight in San Francisco, as soon as I descended from the BART train, was Anthropology. So I had to buy a cozy sweater, poor freezing me. And than there was Diesel  and Replay and Macys. When in USA one has to visit Macys, I said to myself. I examined most of the hundreds of bags I could find on the ground floor. 2 hours away I realized I was lost.

6 May 2017

Enigmatic morning

It was the right place, the right time and and the best state of mind. Somewhere over the ocean, in the land of alligators and adventures. Wishing for more mornings like this.

28 April 2017

SeaWorld Orlando - What Lies Beneath the Surface

- I want to go out and play! Let me out! says Auras as soon as she sees this lighthouse. Auras is how my mom used to call me when I was little. There is this part of me still feeling like a child so why not call her by my favorite nickname?! Equipped with sunglasses, boots made for walking and big curious eyes, Auras and I were ready to play.

17 April 2017

After the Rain Comes Sun

This Easter, stars aligned. I've had my sweet family, sweet food, sun and rain. All together. Even fire in the garden. Cristian gathered some leaves and set them on fire to complete the cleaning. I tought it was the coolest thing for him to do, with adult supervision, of course. Indoors, with no fire, we gathered around the TV, to watch the most disgusting movie series I know. Yeap, it was "Pirates of the Caribbean". It looked filthy to me but there were some funny scenes which made the boys laugh out loud.

30 March 2017

No limit : Florida Kennedy Space Center

The Space Adventure

February 20 was a big step for me. I got the closest I will ever get to Space and I almost saw a rocket launch. I missed it by 1 hour, can you believe that?! The launch's initial date was February 19, before my landing in Florida. It was rescheduled because of a minor glitch but I didn’t find out about it in time.

13 March 2017

Nailed it - CIA

Having spent more than 2 weeks in the promised land I am now settling back into my life. More to cope with than the expected jet lag. My mind is divided between memories of my US trip and thoughts around my daily tasks now that I am back being a working mom. I never stopped being a mom. However for 17 days I was a lucky mom with enormous chunks of time for herself. Which I enjoyed to the fullest. Sometimes in a childish way like visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, my first destination. 

20 February 2017

Winter Alphabet

Alain de Botton is my latest crush. "Love is skill rather than enthusiasm" says his latest book "The Course of Love". So reading this now I hope I am upskilling in the love department.
Bag I'm dreaming about: Anya Hindmarch rainbow perforated bag. Because the perforation is something I am planning on doing soon as a DYI. Another one of a kind bag work in progress
Chef to be, Cristian, cooked mini pizzas for us and they were yummy. Proud mama!
Dreaming about a Lego Land visit with the boys.
Eating healthy food most days to stay away from food guilt.

5 February 2017

Hats, shopping and the story

Starting on the wrong foot

- Honey, we should check the dress you wanted on NYE, says my generous husband while we are in front of the Massimo Dutti store at AFI mall. That's one offer I can't refuse. 
2 minutes away, having checked 3 racks of clothes on sale, patience is running low on the hubby side:
- I thought we were shopping for me today! says the big bad wolf. It was as if aliens kidnapped my generous husband and brought me a  beast instead.

24 January 2017

Pimp my bags: fancy, fluffy, flowery

In an effort to tame down my obsession with bags, I "invested" in some bag accessories this sales season. So I won't have to overcome my bag boredom with a new bag purchase. Unless I must. And sometimes I really must. Some bags wink at me and there is a special connection between us and I have to bring them home. Like the ones below that underwent a face lift: