23 November 2015

School excursions to Pietrosani

I can see the love on both sides of the lens in the picture above. Tudor took it. I was really happy to spend one day with him in a trip, his first one with his kindergarten class. By chance, Cristian went to the same place last spring and I accompanied him as well. The destination was Pietrosani, not too far from my home city. Cristian turned wooden spoons into traditional dolls and Tudor had a chocolate decoration activity. There was a lot of outdoors fun too. Both of them experienced the zip-line for the first time which they found pretty exciting. I just enjoyed being around them.

With Cristian, this spring of 2015

With Tudor, the fall of 2015

A trip a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. more outdoors fun with kids

21 November 2015

Un uncomfortable conversation

the triumph of life
Kids, they hit you. When it's physical, it's ok, you may cry and you go on with your life. Like last night when I thought I would remain a one eyed after Cri hit me with a pillow right in the face.

When words hit you by surprise you are left thinking. I was in that place where even kings go alone. Except mothers. Tudor opens the door, stays in the doorway eating from a buiscuit when he asks:

- Will we ever grow old? 
- Which we? I ask stupidly in order to stall and buy me more seconds to think how to answer this one. I was wishfully thinking he might go away.
- Us, mom
- Yes, everybody grows old. For a moment I considered adding that bullshit with staying young inside, but the truth is I don't believe it and I didn't want to prolong an uncomfortable conversation.
- Mom, but that means we are going to die.

I nod in agreement because as hurtful as the truth might be, I never lie to them.
He pauses for a moment and I can only imagine the thoughts going through his cute little head. After a few seconds he resumes:
- Yes, but it is going to take a long time.
- That's right, a long, long time.

He runs to play, I stay to write about it.

Have a long happy life!

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17 November 2015

Premiere glamour- The Hunger Games


 The dresses at “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” Berlin premiere were simply stunning. I want to have it all here, in my own place, to enjoy them visually any time I need a pleasant distraction from the "big bad world".

My favorite one is this last one, a stunning Reem Acra dress that I will dream of wearing before going to sleep tonight. If I were a princess for one day, this is what I would wear. It looks so fairy taily!!!

P.S. more gowns from the premier and more glamour, because I think we all need it from time to time, at least in our day dreaming.

16 November 2015

Magnetic cat

You know what they say, you don't own a cat but the cat owns you. Our cat owns whatever she wants around the house, like the Magnetic game Tudor left open on the floor. The box was a wonderful sunbed for Griza and the cat was a funny subject for me. I love the warm light of the sun in these photos, just like my cat does in real-life.

A pet a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. a nice little story about a deja-vu and another about  the dog of the house here

30 October 2015

Where my 4 year old took me to the Municipal Library and not the other way around

Today my heart melted in million drops of love. And even though these moments are the hardest to put in writing, I need to, because today is one of those days I never want to forget.

The  (true) story goes like this: some days, especially on Fridays, being in the office at 6.30 pm feels unbearable. Unbearable is also my thirst of spending more time with the boys. This is why today I decided to take half day off. And here it is how I spent it:

I started with a good coffee on my way to the metro. Because I arrived at the kindergarten 20 min earlier than the schedule allows, I spent some time in the nearby park. I am in need of some soul searching because there is one aspect of my life that acutely asks for a change. I stayed on a bench and restrained from grabbing the phone. Sadly this is the automatism I experienced because I can't really remember the last time I had the luxury of having 20 minutes with nothing to do, outside in the sun. Turns out 20 minutes pass slowly when one doesn't experience stillness that often. This was chapter one with a lesson I need to turn to sometime soon.

Chapter 2 was with Tudor. Kids had a great time today at the kindergarten all in costumes, celebrating Halloween. But that was not the highlight of Tudor's day. His favorite part was a visit to the Municipal Public Library. Which he couldn't stop talking about ever since I picked him up from the kindergarten. After a few minutes in the park he insisted on taking me to the Library. I didn't know where it was, but he assured me he could take me there. I had my doubts, stupid me. Turns out Tudor had the right route in his mind showing me where we need to cross the street, where we need to turn right and again right and all the little details. Having reached our destination, I felt reassured that I am raising a traveler. I hesitated to go in, not knowing if somebody was still there. Tudor knocked and a lady librarian opened the door. I explained how we got there and she recognized Tudor from the earlier visit. The lady was very welcoming and we had such an nice chat while Tudor read through some of the books there. We ended up with a membership card and 5 books to take home with us.

Chapter 3 was when we got home. I wanted to read one of the books with Tudor but he asked for the tablet instead. It was fine, I let him, knowing that we will turn to those beautiful books later and in the following days.

Chapter 4, Cristian got home. He was extremely excited about the books we brought for him: one about animal records, other about arms and armors and another about medieval legends. He only reached for the tablet after we did some reading. There is still hope.

Life goes on with its mundane affairs. In between there are these special journeys. I must have done something right to deserve 2 wonderful sons. And despite all marital frustration, I am extremely grateful for my husband since only together we made all these possible. And yes, I do have happy tears in my eyes when talking about the 3 special men in my life.

To be continued...

29 October 2015

Halloween preparation - army of ghosts

Halloween, here we go again. Actually we stay and Halloween comes to us, we are just making sure to meet and greet it properly. We have a few decorations in the living room, Cristian did some crafts and the pumpkin will be carved tomorrow. In addition to this, the nicest part was building an army o Ghosts with the boys. They are lollipops in spooky disguise, I wrapped them, Tudor provided the napkins and Cristian painted their face. The preparation and anticipation is most of the times better than the celebration itself. That's how I remember the special days we celebrated while I was little. Anyways Halloween is new to us, here in Romania, but who doesn't like one more reason to celebrate?!

Have a spooky Halloween wherever you are!

P.S. Tudor is adorable while he plays he remembers what he learnt in his English class and from time to time he says: I am spooky! And, Halloween 3 years ago

25 October 2015

Shadows in the sun

I started the weekend with a clear agenda to stay home especially since Tudor was not feeling well on Friday. Saturday was too busy with chores in the house, but Sunday the lizard in me couldn't stay in anymore. The sun was shining so bright that I had to go out and soak it in. After a visit to the farmers' market and some fun at the playground, I felt ready to start a new week.

The shadows on the pavement made such an interesting picture that I had to take them home with me. Hope you enjoy them too.

Sunshine a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. a sunny train ride