17 February 2015

Valentine's 2015

How should I feel when Cristian draws love notes and goes to a movie with a girl in his class? The obvious answer is old. I should feel old if I could get around to believing this. Instead it feels surreal. My big boy is growing wings and I couldn't be more happier.

My little love joys fade in the light of Cristian's "romance". Still here is what I enjoyed lately: a sign of spring on my kitchen counter gifted with love by A and C; a custom Ted coffee cup.

Friday afternoon, I paid a visit to the most beautiful book store. The card I found there was the most appropriate love message I could give to both my Valentine and I on V day:

" Love may contain trace elements of bitterness, disappointment, jealousy and madness." Especially if it's more than 10 years old. But it's still love...

4 February 2015

Style crush: mix and match

Source: TheSartorialist
Every once in a while TheSartorialist posts a photo I just can't get my eyes off. As I am starring at this nice lady, all sorts of thoughts are running through my head:

  • powder pink goes with everything;
  • wearing black shoes and brown bag, like I do, can be quite a fashionable combination;
  • thanks God she is not wearing sneakers like everybody else these days;
  • mixing prints fascinates me as I am learning to play more with this;
  • I need a vest in my wardrobe asap;
  • layering is an art I would love to master some day;
  • a nice hat goes a long (fashionable) way;
  • scarves are such a great purchase, and they can be the focus of every outfit;
  • pockets are really great, especially when you don't know what to do with your hands; and they keep you warm too;
  • even the most discreet smile is for sure your greatest accessory.

A style lesson a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. I wanna be like her and real headturner

31 January 2015

The summer of '14 - Alba Iulia old town

One sunny summer afternoon we made a quick visit to Alba Iulia on our way back home from Turda Salt Mine. The Old City has a lot to offer and it was a nice first history lesson for the boys.

It was quite intense for me to be in the same room where our history was written, whereas the boys were more preoccupied with the wooden snakes they just bought outside the museum. But when the time will come to learn about this in school, I will have the chance to show them they already visited the Unification Hall.

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The summer of '14, at Turda Salt Mine

Because we haven't seen any pictures of the Turda salt mine before, what we saw in there really took us by surprise. A very nice surprise...

P.S. at Arsenal Park and all the other one-day trips we made from there

Arsenal Park, at the spa

As much as we enjoyed the time we spent outside at Arsenal Park the afternoon spent at the spa was a real treat, too. There was a lot of splashing and a lot of fun that went with it. We had joy, we had fun we had children in the sun...

P.S. at Arsenal Park and all the other one-day trips we made from there

The summer of '14, the Clocota waterfall at Geoagiu Bai

Geoagiu Bai is only 16 km away from Arsenal Park where we spent a week of our summer vacation. The Clocota waterfall is only a 5 minute walk away from the Geoagiu Bai, very easy access and although it is not very big it is surely wonderful to stare at, relax and enjoy.

P.S. at Arsenal Park and all the other one-day trips we made from there