2 May 2016

Oh so quiet

Heart shaped goodbyes from the car, when boys left on vacation

The boys were away for a week, on vacation, consequently:
  • I had just myself to dress in the morning;
  • I ate junk food from McDonalds (I'm not proud but I enjoyed it);
  • my meals were exactly want I planned them to be, not the leftovers from the boys;
  • at night, it was safe to walk in the house with the lights off, no toys to stumble upon;
  • no school runs/homework/preparation;
  • going out with no guilt for not kissing them goodnight;
  • watched all episodes of "The Ranch" because Ashton and lots of good jokes. 
Above all, it was quiet, in the house and in my head. No constant planning for the day ahead. There were pauses between my thoughts and even boredom. When you're a parent boredom is the ultimate luxury. Thinking what to do next, something that you personally enjoy. And, equally luxurious, going to bed and waking up at hours that are your choice...

Now that they are back home, the best part was laughing while they wrestled on the park's carpet, letting them solve their problems themselves. It takes a recharged battery to be able to say to yourself: " Relax, C won't really choke T, he seems to breath quite well!".  Boys will be boys and happiness is always right after the gap.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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24 April 2016

Style cues: Kate in India

I liked Kate before, occasionally following her. But now, after her India and Bhutan tour, I am a fan. I love all these stunning dresses, so I am keeping them all here for future fashion inspiration.

Daily Mail offers full details of who designed each outfit and how much it costs, accessorizes included.

Do you have a favorite? For me it's impossible to pick just one.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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21 April 2016

Kids' cooking class

It's that time of the year where school is about the school of life and not just school. This is why Cristian was the first to wake up this week, singing and dancing before we took him to school. Today his class went to a cooking class for kids, right outside Bucharest. I didn't plan to go with Cristian but he asked me to, "just in case" he said. I complied because he wanted me to, not because I really wanted to go. That was until we got there. One can only feel privileged to be around so many happy kids. And I have my son to thank for allowing me to be part of it all. I know this will change over time and I enjoy every minute of it, while I still can.

The kids cooked pizza, sang, and played until the pizzas came out of the oven. I got to eat the dessert because Cristian didn't like the baked apple.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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16 April 2016

Kids around the house

Cristian's bad cough and Tudor's chickenpox kept us at home for the past 2 weeks. And it wasn't that bad afterall. On the contrary, it gave me the chance to slow down, start the spring cleaning and spend a lot of time with the boys. Just what the doctor ordered. 

Tudor says he learnt this from cartoons
Cristian loves chicory frappes
Tudor takes his blanky everywhere
When T got a new helicpoter he just couldn't leave the Lego to eat so lunch came his way
The easiest experiment with an egg, water and salt
Just chilling
Playing TOCI

A joy  day keeps the doctor away!

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10 April 2016

Is your personal style work in progress, too?

- Mom, you' re a girl, pink is in your nature! (Ro: Esti fata, e in firea ta rozul! ). That's what Cristian said when I told him I prefer Lego sets for boys over the "Friends" ones I found too colorful. 

The truth is I used to be a pink girl in my early 20s. I even had a pale pink wedding dress although I planned for a white one. As years went by, my life got complicated and my outfits simpler. Duller. I realized that a few months back, so I set my mind to rediscover my playful side. Maybe this is why I got so psyched about the photo above. At first, it may seem too much if you look at the details separately: patterns, jewelry, bag accessories, scarves. However, the overall looks stunning. That's what I call personal style. To have the eye and the fashion sense to mix and match in a new pleasant way. A way that represents you and at the same time sets you apart from the crowd.

Interesting makeup with a monochrome outfit is another example. I'm keeping this photo below as reference for the future and there are a lot of other interesting examples in this makeup book I recently bought.

Finding your personal style seems even more complicated than finding love, don't you think?! 

What are your style inspirations this spring? Here are 9 steps to define your personal style, if you are still searching, just like me.

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Photo source: the one and only Sartorialist

8 April 2016

Spring clean-up. Time to say goodbye, bags!

This year we transitioned from winter to summer. As much as I like the unusually warm weather, I miss spring. I need some spring in my life with its traditional clean-up.

Being stranded at home with one ill kido, I started to revisit all my storage spaces in the house. My bags have a home of their own now and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I tried to follow the Marie Kondo "philosophy" for tidying up:
  • gather all bags from all over the places where I used to store them;
  • ask the darn good question "Does it spark any joy?" in order to decide what to keep;
  • store everything worth keeping in one place with each bag having a place of its own.
As much as I love to collect bags I don't see a point in having 2 small red bags or 2 big brown ones. I kept the ones I like more, on the right side of the collage, and found a good home for the other 2. I trust somebody else will take them out and enjoy these 2 as much as I will enjoy the ones I kept. Same goes with 2 backpacks. And another bag that was too damaged to be given away.

I am on to my shoes now, but I admit I am way better at editing them year round. Most probably because I am not as attached to them as I am to my bags. The real challenge will be the toys which are really all over the house. But, somehow, I have to take control of the house rather than let the toys conquer all. Wish me luck !

Good luck, back at you! Hope you have a good clean-up this spring!

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13 March 2016

The Talk

There are these moments, berried deep in the mundane. You know they will eventually come your way, you prepare for them. They only last for about 15 minutes and yet they leave you wander for days after.

Between doing the dishes, cooking I don't know how many meals and other chores, Saturday, between 2.25pm and 2.45pm, I had the talk that all the parents are dreading. Cristian started asking me about babies a week ago and he was also curious to know what sex is. On the spot, I only told him that gender is also called sex: me being a female and him being a male. I said I need to buy a book in order to explain more. Days later he reminded me that I have to buy a book about babies and one about sex. And I said, surprise, surprise, it's only one book that will cover both. By the frequency of his questions I realized it was time. As soon as I found some spare moments in the weekend, I started researching on-line. I initially wanted to order a book in Romanian but I didn't like what I found. I read an article from Psychologies and continued to search for visual support. I found this video on youtube, The true story about how babies are made, which is made after a book that is around since 1975. I found it simple and honest and that is why I decided to use it. Playing it from the tablet made the experience more familiar since Cristian loves his tablet so much. Tudor was around too but he quickly lost interest and went to grab some toys.

The conversation went on smoothly. I translated everything in the video and paused from time to time to answer Cristain's questions and provide little details of my own. When the video finished Cristian retold me the entire story, I guess he just wanted to make sure he got everything right. The only tough question came after the video, when Cristian asked me to show him where babies came out at birth. I told him that grown ups are private about their genitals and pointed him back to the video. 

I didn't get any additional questions ever since, proof that his curiosity is put to rest for now. Phew, I did it!

12 March 2016

My favorite bags

I collect bags and I love bags. Lovable bags are hard to find, but I do work for this everyday. I'm not kidding. Fixations like this are serious, not to be joked about. You see I don' t smoke and I don't do illegal things, now that Netflix was made available in Romania. So bags are my vice, my hobby. Yes, I googled it and collecting anything is a hobby. Oh joy, oh happiness! At 35 I finally have an answer to the hobby question. And I don't expect this hobby to change anytime soon.

Here below are the bags I had a long-distance love affair with in the past year:
Loewe Puzzle Bag, also above, can be worn 5 ways. Amazing!

Coach Jewels Mini Chain Crossbody in Floral Print Leather

Gerard Darel Le Ota Toscano

Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Looking-Up Eyes Messenger Bag

Lancel Charlie bag

Zadig et Voltaire XS Sunny Pollock Bag

Valentino Black with Turquoise Studs Rockstud Saddle Bag with Embroidered Strap

This last one really broke my heart, and, truth is, all the bags in the Valentino Resort 2016  are outstanding.

What is your favorite?

A bag a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. sometimes I name my bags, for creative reasons only: Furry, Blanky, Teddy or Zippy, Pinky, Sandy

Nailed it - dark burgundy

I really enjoy the one day a year when women are celebrated, the International Women Day. Tudor made the necklace in the picture below and I gave myself a mani.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

9 March 2016

Combat in the park

The boys are all about gun toys now as cars and lego become secondary. "It's Nerf or nothing" says the Nerf slogan and they totally go by it. We took some guns and a blanket to the same place where we spent Easter. It must have been the sun and the Sunday mood, cause everybody had a really good time. Something like this:

A park outing a day keeps the doctor away!

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