6 October 2015

Feeling extraordinary in an ordinary day

Let it be stated for the record that today, the 5th of October, I was a superwoman.

My day involved: the dishwasher, the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, bathing the boys, cooking dinner (pork and grilled mushrooms with cheese, yummy!), cleaning the house, working full time, having lunch with my best friend.

A new episode of “The Good Wife” is out there but I had to say no. I planned on writing directly on my computer but I chose to write on paper with a pen (my lost &found pleasure) to protect my eyes from late exposure to the screen.

With all the does and don’ts of my day I feel I nailed it. Just today. Today I was a superwoman and I am proud of me!

When were you last proud of yourself? Did you take the time to acknowledge the powerhouse you are?

P.S. on happiness and gaps that lead to where we want to be

27 September 2015

Medieval Festival at Old Princely Court

I could tell you that my boys were under their worst behavior ever, today. Nonetheless, years from now, I'm counting on remembering the best part of the day:

15 September 2015

How we spent the first day of school

It was the first day of school here so all the kiddos went to school/kindergarten. Mine did too and it was nice but the different things that we did today made the day even nicer.

14 September 2015

Weekend update - another beginning

Tomorrow, school starts here in Romania, so we are excited for yet another beginning. Especially Cristian who is very eager to see his class and his teacher after 3 months of vacation.

This weekend was very good and the most notable part was teaching Tudor how to chew gum. Apparently it's on mom's infinite job description. It was so cute! I had to really give him tips and tricks cause otherwise he was all about " Why can't I swallow it". It was fun especially since I felt a little bit guilty about doing this. But it's also on mom's job description to have fun with her kids. Which we did morning till afternoon.

In the mornings I try to make the breakfast special. Saturday it was chicory coffee with the kids, which they love cause this way they get to drink what mom's drinking. And Sunday it was guava jem with home made bread. It was delicious. Thank you, Di!

Afternoons were busy with a birthday party followed by a fun in the park on Sanday. It was then when I noticed for the first time that autumn is here. And the joy I felt while picking up chestnuts with Cristian was an excellent opportunity for the kid in me to come out and play.

How was your weekend?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. other fall memories: Harvest Fest and in Herastrau

4 September 2015

Summer of 15: Belem Tower

I wish some days would remain tattooed  on my mind. Because these days hold dear memories I would like to hold on to forever. But since we build on those every day, I prefer to save the pictures here and come back whenever I feel like enjoying those happy times again.

Like our first vacation with the kids, far away from home. Portugal, Lisboa, 2015. We started with the city's landmark Belem Tower. I was a little nervous thinking about how the kids will take long touristy days. Turns out they enjoyed every piece of it as much as we, the grown-ups, did.

A vacation a year keeps the doctor away!

P.S. summer of 14 

The sweetest words

by Cristian

9.30 pm is my favorite hour of the day now. I have a built in clock that ticks and tells me to call my boys since they are at my parents' house in Pitesti.

We start by sharing stories about how we spent the day and basically it's the same short story every day: I went to work and they had tons of fun. Which is the way it should be and I am really greatful for the summer they had. While I enjoy the closeness I feel when speaking over the phone , I must admit the best part is the end. They tell me tens of times  " pa, noapte buna, te iubesc!" ( "by, good night, I love you!") or more recently "noapte buna, te iubesc, te pup!" ("good night, I love you, bye!"). I love you is always there, because love is always here. The distance does' t make any difference.

From a distance, I can feel the love. They are the closest to my heart, no matter where they are physically. They are the MiniMes I put into the world enhanced with the traits of the man I love. They are the ones that really make me feel complete.

Tomorrow Cristian and Tudor are coming home, so I am ready and excited to enjoy my life wholeheartedly once again.

A love phone a day keeps the doctor away! 

P.S. some of the funny things my kids say

2 September 2015


Before reaching the metro station last night I was explaining to Cristian, over the phone, why I had to work late: “I am working with people who live in a country where it’s daytime now”.

After the metro ride, on my walk home, I hear a kid right behind me suddenly telling his mom: “Mom, in some other countries it’s day time now”. I could not believe the coincidence. 

It made me think about the things we cannot grasp in this world. Like little coincidences that feel surreal. There is something going on that we are only acknowledging in exceptional circumstances. Maybe it’s energy, maybe it’s love, maybe it’s the butterfly effect… I really don’t know. What goes around, comes around.  That I know for sure.

A self-reflection a day keeps the doctor away!

26 August 2015

On repeat - my summer songs 2015

Truth be told, there are days when my soul weighs on me and others when I'm cheerfully day-dreaming about butterflies in my stomach. There's a song for each state of mind, or better said, each state of soul. My soul...

For the bad days there are TV series for mindless watching. Recently it was True Detectives season 2. I found it intriguing and the last episode was really good if you ask me. Some say it was " the year's most passionately disliked show", I say the opening credits really stuck with me and I am listening to Nevermind on repeat ever since. And all the other songs in the series are excellent too, all sung by Lera Lynn: The Only Thing Worth Fighting For , Lately , My Least Favorite Life and more . Definitely not for the happy times, yet really really great.

For the summery heated days, there is always Major Lazer.  And Powerful , with Ellie Goulding, really feels powerful to me ... It's the most inviting song, the one that makes me dream, the one that makes me smile and takes me to a happy place where butterflies still exist in my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I love my real place, but I do miss that electricity, that energy, to the moon and back.....

What are you listening to this summer?

P.S. some more music

21 July 2015

The kissy kissy shop

Being 4 must feel pretty good. You finally get to master what everyone around you is doing with ease, like walking and running , talking and communicating, going through a day without the afternoon nap or pushing the lowest elevator button.

Being the mother of a 4 year old is truly amazing. Convinced already?! If not, here it is why:
  • I get the most heart melting love signs like when Tudor took my hand and declared: "I love you sweet little hand";
  • I receive surprise kisses. Every once in a while he would say  unexpectedly: "Close your eyes, give me your hand". He takes it and immediately after he says "Open your eyes!" he kisses my hand and I know, once again, that being a mom is grand;
  • At the same time I feel like being a psychologist every now and then when I have to deal with his anger management issues. Because statistically, being a second child is tough and it comes with a quick temper;
  • At night it may also  feel like a improv show, cause when the lights are off T would give me hints and words that I need to use to create bed time stories. He says: "Mama, tell me a story from your thoughts!" and I comply with my eyes half closed and my heart always open for him;
  • Out of the bloom he throws philosophical thoughts like: "It feels so nice living in this house" or "We are such happy kids mom!";
  • He makes me proud because he is so stubborn about doing everything by himself;
  • T really knows how to say thank you. Like when I went on a trampoline with him because it was his first time and he was afraid. Immediately after he felt ok jumping around, he came to me and said: "Thank you for helping me with this, mom". And he was 3 back when he did so, last summer. It was one of our most powerful moments together and the feelings that flooded me on that trampoline are hard to put on paper.
  • this weekend he spilled some milk. I was cleaning the milk on the kitchen floor when he handed me his wet t-shirt. Apparently it had milk on it so he took it off, washed it in the bathroom and handed it to me once he was done.
  • he talks a little bit funny because he can't pronounce the Rs correctly.
  • we have the cutest thing going on: a kissy kissy shop ( magazinul de pupaciti). Whenever he wants me to kiss him he asks: "Is the kissy kissy shop open, mom?" and I always reply "But of course, the shop is always open for you". He then comes and the tenderness begins to both our pleasure.

You see, I love him to infinity now when he's 4 and forever.

P.S. this is part of my intention of writing a love story for my boys at least once a year, around their birthday. Other birthday letters from previous years

16 July 2015

On discoveries, a beach and a birthday

One of my favorite things to do with the boys is go out and let our steps and eyes guide us to wonderful new little adventures. Vacation is no exception so, we went for a walk as I was eager to get to know our place of  stay by foot. The walk was interesting on the side of a very narrow street that eventually opened up to the ocean where we discovered a tiny beach. Which , after the rain, was ours alone to enjoy. There' s this special thing about the sand that makes kids so happy each time they find it, be it in a privileged location like this, or in playgrounds somewhere else.

The boys threw send in the water, explored the place, built a castle, "drew" hearts and had a blast. The surprise factor of the discovery had its role too, cause unplanned joys feels even merrier.

For me it was even more special. As I set down and watched them play by the large water in front of us, I had something else on my mind. Exactly 7 years ago my water broke and Cristian chose me to be his mom. 7 years ago I become a mother and that's the greatest thing I'll ever be.

I am grateful beyond words for all the wonderful things Cristisor brought in my life. At the same time I am grateful for all the challenges motherhood brings, challenges that make me want to be a better person everyday.

Cristian, I am grateful for all the tears you brought to my eyes and all the intense emotions you brought to my life. I love you to infinity!

P.S. birthday letters from previous years