25 June 2016

A rainbow of feelings

Friday evening, I come home. Door is locked with keys in.
Who is it? asks Cristian. 
Mommy, I answer
Oh my God, it's mom! shouts Tudor from the other side of the door.
I never felt so welcome in my life.

To say I love Tudor is too simple of a way to express how I feel about him. I have a rainbow of feelings for him:
  • Delighted when he insisted to stay home alone, one day, while I went to pick Cristian from school. He comforted me when I came back saying he was very well and we should do this again;
  • Relieved because he no longer throws tantrums;
  • Amused when he says funny things. Like, one time, I was encouraging Cri to eat some cheese. Tudor continued: "You should really try it. It's not a carnivorous plant. It won't eat you! ". Or each time he takes off a shirt, when the shirt covers his eyes, he always says: "Hey, who turned off the lights?";
  • Proud he is not selfish. One night I was petting his hair and asked him "Who do I love most?" He answered " Cristian and I" . In rare occasions like this I feel I am doing a good job as a mom.
  • Thrilled he says "I love you, mom!" when I least expect it;
  • Sad as he no longer asks to sleep on me. Last time, this winter he was so considerate to ask me to sleep on my stomach saying he was too big to lay on it. He fell asleep on my back instead;
  • At peace when I see he loves Cri so much. One morning A. was telling me how he teased Cristian. Tudor thought it was more dramatic and that A. did something bad to Cristian. He started crying and it took me quite a while to figure out why.
  • Happy to see he still is extremely specific when asking for attention. Like, when he asks me to kiss his toes;
  • Hopeful he will keep his playfulness. He has a favorite little game, the friendly ghost. He covers himself in his beloved blanky, comes wherever I am and tells me: "We have a ghost in the house. But it is a loving ghost" Obviously I need to kiss the lovely ghost and the game goes on;

He is a sleepyhead in the morning. He likes tomato sauce a lot. His favorite song is Enter Sandman. He knows quite a few bad words from his brother.

He always looks at the sky. When we are outside he is the first one to spot airplanes flying above us. At night, he always looks at the moon before going to bed.

I look at him with gratitude for giving me the untainted joy of motherhood. Untainted by the worries and the unknown that come with a first born. Happy 5th Birthday, Tudorica!

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Cat sunbathing

Overwhelming heat here in Bucharest, yet there is somebody looking for the sun. Griza found the sunniest window of the house and is sunbathing early in the morning. She says hello in the picture above.

A cat a day keeps the doctor away!

21 May 2016

My favorite place in Bucharest

Bucharest celebrates the Night of the Museums today. It's already the 4th one for C and T. We started early this morning, with a visit to the National Technological Museum because it hosted a Lego exhibit. Afterwards we spent a good 4 hours in the Carol Park, that's how good we felt there. At some point we took some pictures, so part of the story goes like this.

Tudor seems to be a promising photographer. He took the next 2 photos:

We even caught the change of guards, which C watched in fascination. It was a first for him so he asked a lot of questions around it.

Right about the time I was taking this last picture and we were leaving the park , a very interesting conversation started. I didn' t catch the beginning, just this part:
        - I will never be the boss, not even when I grow up, says a very upset Tudor, cause Cristian is always patronizing him.
        - You'll never know. Mom, did you want to be a boss? Cristian asks.
        - Not really.
        - See, Tudor? Sometimes you wish for something and it doesn't happen and other times you don't and it happens.

And sometimes you wish for something and it happens. Cristian and Tudor happened for me and happiness has followed ever since.

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8 May 2016

The Surprise Unbirthday Party

Saturday started out like any other ordinary day. I bought Cristian a box of kinetic sand, something he was telling me about for a long time now. Once we got back home, I unexpectedly entered Wonderland. The boys threw me a birthday party, without any notice. They asked me how old I am just minutes before, but I had no clue what they were preparing for. C and T entered the living room very ceremoniously, holding the sand cake and singing "Multi ani traiasca!" ("Happy birthday to you"). Imagine how stunned I was while listening to my sweet boys singing this song and it wasn't even my birthday. There are no words to describe how I felt and how I still feel about all this a day after.

They put together a little table with what they found around so I could have the cake right in front of me. I blew the candles, of course.

They brought me presents as well, everything girly they could find among their toys: some superflizzes from Cristian and a kinder surprise princess from Tudor.

They cut the cake and served it. They wanted me to have the dotted plate cause it was the cutest. Cristian gave me another present: the tree he made Friday, at school. Tudor wanted to top that, so he had another present for me too: a house he built a while ago. Just like that I had a new house with a garden.

The third round of presents started with a grenade from Tudor. Cristian told him weapons are not for girls but he immediately changed his mind. He said girls should be able to protect themselves, and this is why there are many girls in his Aikido class. With that in mind, he gave me a gun. I am all set now, protected as never before.

Of course there is no party without dancing, at least not in our house. We danced like crazy people on Toca Toca , Love yourself, Doo Wop (That thing) and whatever else we could find on TV. We wrapped the party only to go out and have more fun at Spotlight. What a day!!!

A Very Merry Unbirthday to you, too!

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2 May 2016

Oh so quiet

Heart shaped goodbyes from the car, when boys left on vacation

The boys were away for a week, on vacation, consequently:
  • I had just myself to dress in the morning;
  • I ate junk food from McDonalds (I'm not proud but I enjoyed it);
  • my meals were exactly want I planned them to be, not the leftovers from the boys;
  • at night, it was safe to walk in the house with the lights off, no toys to stumble upon;
  • no school runs/homework/preparation;
  • going out with no guilt for not kissing them goodnight;
  • watched all episodes of "The Ranch" because Ashton and lots of good jokes. 
Above all, it was quiet, in the house and in my head. No constant planning for the day ahead. There were pauses between my thoughts and even boredom. When you're a parent boredom is the ultimate luxury. Thinking what to do next, something that you personally enjoy. And, equally luxurious, going to bed and waking up at hours that are your choice...

Now that they are back home, the best part was laughing while they wrestled on the park's carpet, letting them solve their problems themselves. It takes a recharged battery to be able to say to yourself: " Relax, C won't really choke T, he seems to breath quite well!".  Boys will be boys and happiness is always right after the gap.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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24 April 2016

Style cues: Kate in India

I liked Kate before, occasionally following her. But now, after her India and Bhutan tour, I am a fan. I love all these stunning dresses, so I am keeping them all here for future fashion inspiration.

Daily Mail offers full details of who designed each outfit and how much it costs, accessorizes included.

Do you have a favorite? For me it's impossible to pick just one.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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21 April 2016

Kids' cooking class

It's that time of the year where school is about the school of life and not just school. This is why Cristian was the first to wake up this week, singing and dancing before we took him to school. Today his class went to a cooking class for kids, right outside Bucharest. I didn't plan to go with Cristian but he asked me to, "just in case" he said. I complied because he wanted me to, not because I really wanted to go. That was until we got there. One can only feel privileged to be around so many happy kids. And I have my son to thank for allowing me to be part of it all. I know this will change over time and I enjoy every minute of it, while I still can.

The kids cooked pizza, sang, and played until the pizzas came out of the oven. I got to eat the dessert because Cristian didn't like the baked apple.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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