18 December 2014

The best Christmas gift for kids

Kids, they have so many wishes, just like us, the grown ups. The only thing that sets us apart is kids are very vocal about what they want. Santa is informed of everything they have on their list, early in the winter,  and the lucky ones are getting exactly what they asked for. But let's face it, the best presents are those that take you by surprise, the ones that you didn't see coming.

So it was exactly like this with a LED Mini Party Light my boys found in the house this afternoon when we got home. The kids kept singing and spinning and they had the best time with the lights off and the party light on.

Can you spot them in the picture above? Everybody was thrilled about our mini disco in the hallway, even Pufi chased the lights in the beginning.

So, don't you think your kids would love it, too?

P.S. the grown ups version that can be an interesting Home tip- disco ball and How to have fun with kids indoors

14 December 2014

Munich in my eyes

There are some things that I really like about my relationship with A. We are very direct with each other and we are not overthinkers. So we were very quick to decide a destination for a small getaway in Munich when we saw a good deal on plane tickets. A few months fast forward ( that's how life goes on these days, on fast forward, isn't it?!) we are back home. Even with a not so friendly weather we enjoyed the time we had to ourselves, slowing down and doing all the touristy stuff. So here are some photos on a grey weather but with a good spirit:

Marianplatz Christams market

A fairy Window Dressing

Inner courtyard of the Deutsches Musem

The huge and impressive Mining Section of the Deutsches Musem

You are Chemistry writing on the wall in various languages

Details of a nice Apotheke also in the Museum

The loveliest Christmas Tree in the Museum's shop

A colorful carpet shop

A nice garden decoration

New Town hall facade

Feeling royal at the Cuvillies Theatre
It was very nice to spend 4 days in a rich and generous city where busses come on time and where there's a man at the zebra watching for the kids crossing the street to school in the morning.

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9 December 2014

Nailed it- Russian Navy

It started before Christmas last year and I'm still not done with my blue fascination for nail polishes. I cannot help it since there are so many great shades out there. Like this one, OPI Russian Navy, that looks spectacular, at least that's what I think. Paired with some dark blue jeans and a little bit of sparkle, it's just what the doctor ordered.

A blue polish a day keeps the doctor away!

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8 December 2014

12 things to do in Winter

Where did fall go?! I can't believe is winter already and since it's here we'd better enjoy it while it lasts. So here is how I'm thinking of having fun this winter of 2014-2015:

  • buy a colorful wool scarf to pimp up my 6 year old winter coats (done it, and I really love the results);
  • be a tourist. As chilly as it may get, it is less crowded and overall very nice to discover new territories with their specific winter beauty;
  • visit a Christmas market;

  • watch again "Home Alone" with the family, and "Love Actually" with the girl friends (I'm sure there is a movie out there for boys, maybe you can tell me which one);
  • think about your 3 words for the new year;
  • drink a lot of tea, this is my favorite;
  • ask yourself if you've been good this year;
  • buy a beautiful pajamas to wear on new year's eve;
  • learn to make eggnog and dulce de leche at home;

  • be creative. Creativity is food for soul, for me it's writing here, so I'm back, for good, or so I hope;
  • read an easy cheesy book to relax with, like "The Christmas Surprise" ;
  • follow the GG rule: be generous and grateful;

Have a fairy winter!

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24 November 2014

Hooked on SERIAL

The Crime Scene; source: Slate.com courtesy of This American Life

When 3 out of my 4 favorite bloggers were raving about Serial I knew I had to listen to it. Did you hear about it already?

Series are dead, long live Serial

I don't feel that addicted to series anymore, or maybe it's the fact that I really can't find much time for them lately. Also this is the vibe I'm getting from my friends too, not that much into watching series anymore.  But I thing Serial is the next big thing. It's the podcast that really hit big. The biggest.

" According to Apple, Serial has broken the previous iTunes record for the fastest podcast to reach 5 million downloads and streams, and remains in the top spot for most popular podcast in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. This number does not factor in streams from other sources, such as SoundCloud and other podcasting apps." says Mashable

Should I say more?! Just this: Adnan Syed is serving a life sentence for murdering his ex high-school sweetheart, Hae Min Lee, and says is not guilty. The first season of the podcast, host and executive producer Sarah Koenig investigates the evidence surrounding Lee's murder.

"Serial Is Like Nothing I’ve Heard or Watched Before" says Slate.com or any other magazine that wrote about it.

Enjoy the "who done it"!

P.S. if you find yourself wanting for more here is Slate's podcast about the Serial podcast (editors discussing the latest episode)

22 November 2014

Are you still young?

What were the things that you really enjoyed doing when you were in your 20s? If you are still in your 20s, I am happy for you, keep on having fun!

Even back when I was a little girl I enjoyed dancing , reading, listening to good music, writing. Oh yes, I started with a little notebook that was my personal journal and continued through my teenage years. But as I entered adulthood and started raising a family, I was not at the center of my life anymore. There was no time for dancing, I was too careful at the sounds my little ones were doing to listen to music and I lost myself on the way. And I missed me and I still do sometimes. I knew it was wrong so little by little, I made time for writing, started dancing with my boys while listening to good music and once in a blue moon I went out to dance like a crazy woman.

There were 2 blue moons these past weeks and I had so much fun dancing at midnight, the time when I am normally sound asleep taken down by all the things I put energy into during the day. It was around midnight, that I realized, if I can still go out and dance the night away, and be so happy with it, I am still young. Sometimes I find the time to read and write too. Turns out, deep inside I am still me...

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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4 November 2014

The little sir

I must have told you already the kind of conversations going on at dinner time. Actually there isn't just one kind, but all kinds. One day, Cristian was already at the table when Tudor joined after having washed his hands:

C: You're so cool, Tud * ! Mom, did you do that? Cristian was referring to Tudor's wet spiky hair
M: No, he did it all by himself.
C: Tudor, if you teach me I'll accept you in my band.
M: Do you have a band?
C:  Yes, a secret band.
M: What kind of band? Dancing, singing?
C: A band of cool guys who know how to make cool stuff with their hair.
T: OK, I'll teach you.

Minutes later, after drinking his milk, Tudor realises he has a milk moustache and says laughing:
T: I look like a little sir !**

A joke a day keeps the doctor away!

RO: * Ce misto esti, Tud , ** Arat ca un domnulet

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P.S. just in case you're wandering, the picture shows Cristian trying to prove to Tudor that he is bigger, at breakfast one day.

2 November 2014

If I could wear anything today - Balenciaga dress

Today is Presidential Election day in Romania and I can only imagine the stir outside. Yet, since the boys are with their grandparents on vacation it's all so quiet inside. I have the luxury to read through my pile of old magazines and dream about what I will be wearing this fall. To top this, I can also hear my thoughts. It's amazing how comforting silence can be sometimes, when you most need it.

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On repeat: Röyksopp and Robyn “Monument”

Years ago, every now and then our cable provider changed the frequency of the TV channels. So I would use the searching mode of the remote control to find the new frequencies and save the TV channels, These days I feel somewhat the same. I am trying to find my frequency again and comfort myself back in sweet routine or even better break the existing routine.

Röyksopp and Robyn “Monument” is the perfect music for my searching mode, for inside carving. The song was inspired by a sculpture from artist Juliana Cerqueira Leite, which gave Robyn a "physical experience of what it's like to define yourself or stand for something or figure out who you are."

Do you know who you are and where are you going to? Just like the song says, in the end, the only thing that matters is being able to say :" I did it all with love".

A song a day keeps the doctor away!

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26 October 2014

Let it snow!

As opposed to our normal grayish "behind the blocks" scenery, this morning our window overlooked a beautiful powdery white setting. The kids were crazy happy as I was too. They really couldn't wait to go out, ever since they woke up this morning. And since it was too early for us to enjoy the snow outside, we brought some inside, before breakfast. Cristian did some experiments with snow and water and a little bit later we were out in the snow.

A weekend ago, who knew snow was just around the corner?!

A snow fun a day keeps the doctor away!

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